Friday, 28 November 2008

Everyone's doing it. Isa's cookies that is.

A while ago, Isa over at the Post Punk Kitchen posted her new chocolate chip cookie recipe of awesome. It became a world wide cookie making crazy. So, not one to shy away from peer pressure under the right circumstances, I gave them a crack. And YUM!

I found that my dough was not as firm as Isa's recipe implied it should be. It was actually quite runny still. I have this issue a lot. I am not sure why. Maybe because I use lite soy milk? Maybe because I used arrowroot instead of tapioca? Who knows! As such, it took me a bit longer than the 8 minutes to bake them, but only a bit longer. I might try and add a bit more flour next time to stiffen the dough up a bit.

They are delicious. Chewy on the outside and soft of the inside and scrumptious all over. And considering they take 15 minutes to make, one bowl to wash up and they bake in a snap, there really is no reason not to make them. Right. Now. Go on!

And on a completely random note, I am thinking that Van Helsing might be one of the worst movies *ever* made. So why not turn off the TV and make cookies instead? See how I totally tied that in to the main theme of the post? See?


  1. I kind of .... .like .... van helsing. Don't judge me though!!

    The cookies look yum.

  2. Mmmm I haven't tried these ones yet but I LOVE the VwaV choc chippers. They're our go to cookie recipe.

    You might find that yours are more liquidy because American cup and spoon measures differ slightly from ours. Ours are slightly larger (that being said, I tend to find mine are always drier, but I'm really heavy handed on the flour). I have a set of Australian spoon measures and a set of American and switch between.

  3. Yum, they look good! I read a few other comments in the thread regarding their batter being runny so it wasn't just you! Maybe I will make these today :)