Thursday, 1 December 2022

Midweek Munchies

It's the first day of summer here and it is cool and rainy, which I am very happy about! Here are some things I have previoustly munched on.

You know I love a silly drink, and this brand of Kombucha has some very silly ones. Reading the labels is hilarious. Anyway, this one was weird and tasted weirdly like a lemon Strepsil.


I have become a big fan of The Fermenter kombuchas, though I can only ever find them at The Green Edge. My favourite flavours are the grape and the apple, but in their absence I tried this lime and ginger one. It was lovely and tangy.


I made some burgers using some of the new Birds Eye Plant Based Chicken Burgers and some Sunfed Boar-Free bacon. The chicken burgers were OK, nothing incredible. The Vegie Delight or Veef ones remain my favourite chicken-style burgers. Someone on IG had mentioned that the Sunfed bacon was their favourite bacon, I hadn't tried it before. I was meh. It is quite heavy and was very, very oily. I'd like to take a moment to pay my respects to the Fry's Brioche buns, which don't seem to be available anymore. Which is very sad because they were the best burger buns ever.

Chicken and Bacon Burgers

I also threw some pineapple on the burgers.

Chicken and Bacon Burgers

With the leftover bacon, I made a BLT.

Sunfed BLT

Maple Oat Milk sounds very delicious! But this was fairly watery.

Maple Oat Milk

I've posted before about how much I love these cheesy vegan corn chips, they are SO GOOD! I snacked on them with some Black Sesame Hummus that I found in Woolworths. It tasted exactly like hummus, but just looked cool.

Black Sesame Hummus

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


It has been six months since Abby passed. So it has been a pretty sad week.


  1. Vegan cheesy corn chips! Where have they been all my life!?

  2. I want so badly to like oat milk but it just tastes too watery for me.

    1. I have that with almond milk. It tastes like watery sawdust.