Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Midweek Munchies

It's a cool windy day here, so let's start off with reminiscing about some ice cream! I tried the Green Tea flavour of the vegan mochi ice cream, and it is really nice. It has that hint of bitterness that comes from proper matcha flavour.

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

I've enjoyed the Four'n'Twenty vegan pies before, so was curious about their vegan sausage rolls. I am always a bit wary of vegan sausage rolls, because they are rarely a hit and often a miss. This was a huge miss, in fact it was quite unpleasant in flavour and texture. No amount of tomato sauce could make this enjoyable.

Four and Twenty Plant Based Sausage Roll

Some snack balls! I've tried other flavours of the Tasti Fruit and Veg balls before, the mango-carrot and the strawberry-beetroot. The banana-spinach is nice enough, though the flavour is a bit predictable and lacks the nice brightness the other two flavours do. I was curious about how this Hello Peanut Butter Health Lab dessert ball would differ from their Peanut Butter Envy nut-butter filled balls. They are both covered in chocolate, but while the latter has a solid peanut butter centre surrounded by a protein ball layer, the Hello Peanut Butter ball is filled with a homegenous mix of peanut butter and other things. It is not quite as good as the Peanut Butter Envy.


Now for a little photo essay about some burger patties, the Alternative Meat Co patties that I bought on clearance. Also you can see here the Sheese Red Leicester Style slices, which I was delighted to find at IGA (also at The Green Edge) because they are the best of the currently limited available Sheese slices flavours here. But back to the patties. When you open the pack, they look meaty-ish. Not as meaty as the Beyond, but definitely meat-like. Even more so once they get in the pan. I just do not love seeing those juices. I served them on a Fry's Brioche bun with the melted cheese and some vegan special sauce that I spoke about in a previous post. The burgers are OK... not freakishly meaty, though I still would prefer a more obviously vegan Veef patty. And yet I keep on trying out these assorted meaty burgers (when they are on sale). For science.





I have taken to keeping some ready meals in the freezer for days when I get home late from work if I don't have leftovers. The Earth Meatless Cottage Pie is one of my favourites. You will have to excuse the photo, I kind of inverted it when I was putting it in the bowl. But it is a really nice savoury cottage pie filling and gravy, with lovely mash and some melty grated cheese on top. Do recommend!

Earth Meatless Cottage Pie

Finishing up with another Four'n'Twenty vegan meat pie. Mentioned above, and blogged about previously, I am just sharing it again because this time I defrosted to pie, and before baking I pulled of the top and stuffed some vegan cheese in there to make a melty cheese and mince pie. It was good.

Four N Twenty Meat Pie with Sheese melted inside


  1. We Americans are really not as into the savory pies as we should be. I love them, but you will hardly ever see one. Chicken pot pie is about it.

    Ready meals in the freezer save me at dinner when I don't have leftovers, too. It's so nice to have them available.

    1. I love that some of the vegan bakeries here have a huge range of delicious savoury pie flavours to choose from. Also that the freeze well. Maybe if you ever visit Australia one day, you will be able to sample our many savoury pie delights!