Saturday, 29 September 2018

VeganMoFo 2018 #29: Eating Out: Two Tables Cafe

29th: Brunch & Munch – Because brunch is so awesome, show us your brunch meals!

My favourite cafe in Brisbane, Two Tables Cafe, has recently changed their hours from a breakfast/lunch place to a dinner place, though they still have brunch on the weekends. But before this change, I enjoyed several meals there as I continued to work my way through their breakfast/brunch/lunch menu on my fortnightly Thursday visits. Technically I generally visit at lunch, but these meals are good for any time of the day! You can see details of my previous visits here.

One day, my tummy wasn't feeling so good. I really didn't know what I felt like, but Annie had my back and suggested and their acai bowl. They promise a satisfying acai experience, not one that will leave you hungry half an hour later. As well as granola, fruit, and chia, I also got a big scoop of peanut butter on mine. This plus one of their lovely hot chocolates was just the thing to gently fill me up.

Acai Bowl at Two Tables Cafe

Did you know that they make all their own bread and bagels in house? I enjoyed the house bagel with the works one day. Spread with sesame cheese with a side of tomato relish, it normally comes with a choice of either mushrooms or avocado. I had both, with a hashbrown as well. So satisfying! I also had a banana smoothie, which is just frozen banana, soy milk, maple syrup, and cinnamon.

Everything House Bagel at Two Tables Cafe

Banana Smoothie at Two Tables Cafe

When they redid their brunch menu, they created an epic vegan share plate. I love a good eating challenge, and had planned to tackle it on my own. But even better, I got to have brunch there one day with my BFF Ashleigh, and we shared it. It has pancakes with berry compote and maple syrup, granola and fruit (normally that would be chia pudding, but they were out), some coconut yoghurt on the side for Ashleigh, tofu, hash browns, mushrooms, eggplant, homemade toast with sesame cheese, and housemade beans. It was such a glorious spread, so many flavours and so much fun! A great way to sample a bunch of their deliciousness. We also got a side of chips, because Ashleigh had the hungries that day!

Vegan Breakfast Share Platter at Two Tables

Bowl of Chips at Two Tables

And finally, a burger. Not the most traditonal brunch fare, but I say eat what you want when you want and they have burgers on their brunch menu. I had tried a couple of their burgers at previous visits, and I continue to work my way through. This is the Artisan Vegan Burger, with a Fenn Veef patty, tomato, lettuce, mustard, sesame cheese, ketchup, hold the onion please, and a perfect sized side of their chips with aioli. I enjoyed this with a Cookies and Cream Milkshake, with the coconut ice cream swapped out for frozen banana.

Artisan Vegan Burger at Two Tables Cafe

Cookies and Cream Milkshake at Two Tables Cafe

As I said, their hours have changed. But you can still get all of these dishes (plus more) on Saturday and Sunday mornings. As for the evenings, PIZZA BABY! I have already had one dinner visit, and let me tell you the pizza was incredible. But you'll have to wait for my next post about them to see more about that. They also have all their burgers, their acai bowls, and their pancakes on their dinner menu (as well as a mixed vegan grill and a banana split).

Two Tables Cafe - 475 Sandgate Road, Albion

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim, Gizmo, and Sahara

How three cats share one sleeping bag with no interaction. I guess I just had to freeze, no room for me!


  1. The house bagel sounds great, and the share plate looks fantastic! That's adorable how everyone has their own little space on the sleeping bag, haha!

  2. I love the share plate! That's one of my favorite ways to eat.
    Dim Sim seems okay with being close to her sisters since no one is touching!!

    1. I love share plates as well, getting to try lots of different things is always so fun.

      I think she is in denial about how close they are.

  3. For some reason my (slightly sleepy) eyes read this as 'Two Tabbies Cafe' at first so I thought it was going to have a cute cat theme, haha. But it still sounds great! I'm intrigued by the sesame cheese. Is it like tahini sauce or much more cheese-like? The brunch plate looks excellent!

    1. Oh, I wish that it was a tabby themed cafe, that would be the best!

      We have this locally made sesame cheese brand here called Fenn, and a lot of cafes use it. It is amazing. It is like a soft, cream cheese consistency, so very spreadable. My favourite is the smoked, which is just like a cheesy and smoky amazingness.

  4. I love that breakfast spread. It sounds like such a good idea to share.