Friday, 14 September 2018

VeganMoFo 2018 #14: Eating Out: Cardamom Pod Brickworks

After my first visit to The Cardamom Pod Brickworks, I was keen to get back. It is a bit of a drive, being down in Southport, but not too bad. I have managed to get down there twice over the past several months, once for breakfast and once for lunch.

I always love to order beetroot lattes, because they are so pretty, but often they just taste like warm soymilk. Not so theirs, which is delicious! And so beautiful!

Beetroot Latte at The Cardamom Pod Brickworks

I had tried their delicious Avo Benedict on my last visit there, and even though I kind of wanted to eat it again I thought I should explore the menu more. I ordered the Gourmet Toastie, which is sourdough bread with pesto, bocconcini, grilled zucchini, semidried tomatoes, pumpkin, basil and cheddar with a side salad of rocket, avo, cherry tomato, balsamic glaze. It was huge, and really good. Not as good as the benedict, but very satisfying.

Gourmet Toastie at The Cardamom Pod Brickworks

Because I didn't realise how big the toastie would be, but mostly because I think that potato is an essential for any brunch meal, I ordered a serve of their Potato Fritters. These surprised me a little, as I was expecting something closer to a hash brown. These were some sort of potato and something (not sure what) mix, and were crispy on the outside but very soft on the inside.

Potato Fritters at The Cardamom Pod Brickworks

A few weeks ago, I was able to get back down to finally try their lunch menu with my best friend Ashleigh. Ashleigh ordered a soy latte, and I ordered a chestnut maple latte (which initially came made with coffee, but they replaced it with a caffeine free one), and we shared a gingerbread latte. The chestnut maple was fun, but the gingerbread was absolutely delicious!

Chestnut Maple Latte at The Cardamom Pod Southport

Gingerbread Latte at The Cardamom Pod Southport

It was hard to choose from the menu, so we ended up sharing a few things. The waitress helpfully informed us that the servings were large, so we didn't go too overboard. She wasn't wrong! We shared the Gnocchi, the Bao, and the Sweet Potato Fries with Dijon Mustard. The fries were delicious, and a very generous serving indeed. Of course, the dill mayo was exceptional.

Sweet Potato Fries with Dill Mayo at The Cardamom Pod Southport

The Bao Buns were described as being filled with teriyaki mushroom and chicken with side salad of red coral lettuce, carrot ribbons, red radish and candied macadamias with sweet and sour dressing. They were lovely, and given our other orders I really enjoyed having some fresh salad to munch on. Beware the macadamias though, they are a bit spicy! But I think this was definitely our pick of the day.

Bao at The Cardamom Pod Southport

The gnocchi came swimming in a cauliflower cheese sauce, though the cheese flavour was very subtle, and pesto. Topped with some fresh tomatoes, leaves, and toasted sourdough. You needed that bread to soak up the sauce, because it really was more sauce than gnocchi. It would have preferred more actual gnocchi, but this was great comfort food.

Gnocchi at The Cardamom Pod Southport

I am definitely keen to make my way back again, for even more food. The cool think about this place is that it is in the same complex as a Source Bulk Foods and a huge deli with some fun vegan gems hidden away, so a little shopping trip after eating is always essential!

Do not confuse this Cardamom Pod with the one at Broadbeach. That one is vegetarian with vegan options, and more buffet-style. This one is all vegan (except they do stock cow milk for the coffee machine), and is sit down with table service.

The Cardamom Pod Brickworks - 3/3 Brolga Avenue, Southport, QLD 4215 - 0424 251 008

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Gizmo and Sahara

The cushions on the floor in the sunroom were put there for the cats, a comfy spot to cats some sun or watch some birds in the backyard. Gizmo and Sahara were happy to share.


  1. This place sounds great, my kind of food! I really love that cup too in your 5th picture, beautiful design.

    1. They have beautiful cups there. And the plates they gave us because we were sharing all had super adorable animal designs.

  2. I love how colorful the gourmet toastie is, and the potato fritters sound fun!
    Sunshine kitties! <3

    1. I loved joining them in the sunshine as well. Just for a little bit, because I burn. But I love sun warmed fur to pat.

  3. Going to head this weekend for the gingerbread latte - sounds delicious!

    1. It is really good! Enjoy all of the foods! And then stop at Flour of Life on the way home. ;)

  4. I am always in shock and awe at how pretty your lattes are! I never order them when eating out because usually the staff aren't properly trained to use it, and I get something really crummy back. There are a few exception, but I guess coffee culture really is special in Australia. lol