Saturday, 15 September 2018

VeganMoFo 2018 #15: Eating Out: Dicki's

Dicki's is the not-so-new kid on the vegan block in Brisbane. But it took me a while to get around there. The first time I went was to have lunch with a friend. I had a hard time choosing between the ELT (crumbed eggplant, lettuce, and tomato toastie) and the Crispy Tofu Bao... so I got both! They were both lovely, though the bao were my favourite.

ELT at Dicki's

Cripsy Tofu Bao at Dicki's

My friend got the Nurture Bowl, full of all sorts of things.

Nurture Bowl at Dicki's

Dicki's has a fun range of drinks. Often, I can't have fun drinks because they are generally fizzy and I don't do fizz (kombucha excepted, but even then I have to let it go a bit flat). But they said they could make any of them on cold still water for me. Hurrah! I had a lovely Myrtle Lemonade, and my friend had the Apple Cream Soda (fizzy style).

Myrtle Lemonade and Apple Cream Soda at Dicki's

We finished off with some cake, and I also had a turmeric latte. They have a range of baked goods to choose from. This cake was amazing! It was gluten free as well, but so dense and delicious that you couldn't tell. I had mine sans-ice cream, as they use the very coconutty Over The Moo brand there.

Chocolate Cake at Dicki's

Turmeric Latte at Dicki's

I went back another time on my own, when I was passing by the area for a quick lunch. The menu had changed since the first time I was there, and sadly both ELT and Bao were gone. But there were still lots of other options. This time I tried the Apple Cream Soda, but on the nice still water. It was sweet and lovely.

Apple Cream 'Soda' at Dicki's

I went for the Classic Burger. A mushroom-based house patty, slice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, and a side of shoestring fries.

Dicki's Classic Burger at Dicki's

And here is a reflective photo of their dessert case.

2018-07-02 12.53.17

Dicki's is well worth a visit. They have also recently started having a dinner menu, though I haven't been for that.

Dicki's - 893 Brunswick St, New Farm, QLD

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Gizmo and Dim Sim

Dim Sim is not so happy to share the cushions with Gizmo!


  1. I;ve never had a Bao bun before which seems like a huge mistake on my part!
    OMG the look Dim Sim is giving Gizmo is priceless!

    1. I love bao! Sometimes they are little sandwiches like this, other times they are more steamed buns with filling. Either way, so good.

  2. The nurture bowl is so colorful, and the turmeric latte looks so pretty!
    Love the kitty stare-down, haha!

    1. I love colourful bowls like that, though I was pretty happy with my carby choices. ;)

  3. My friend never liked fizzy drinks as a kid and I remember thinking she was CRAZY! I still don't think she is fond of them. It's nice to hear that they were able to accommodate you in that area.

    All the food looks super yummy!