Saturday, 1 September 2018

VeganMoFo 2018 #1: Hello, it's me!

Hello, and welcome to my first post for VeganMoFo 2018! If you are new to my blog, welcome to Kittens Gone Lentil! I talk about vegan food, and always have a cute kitty photo for you. Because cats are the best!

The first prompt for the first day is to introduce myself. I am Susan! I've been vegan for almost 19 years (the middle of September will be my veganniversary). I went vegan for the animals, and I stay vegan for the animals. I always liked cooking, but the longer I was vegan the more I began to enjoy it in a way I never imagined. Thus began my ever expanding collection of vegan cookbooks - I have over 100 at this point. I am not a recipe creator myself, but I am very good at following instructions. I try and cook through as many of my recipes as I can, and I rarely make the same thing twice. I also love eating out. Recipe round ups from cookbooks and eating out adventures form the main part of my blog.

As for me, I'm a red headed, cat lady, Buffy obsessed, queer vegan who lives in Brisbane, Australia.

In the past few years, I have followed all of the MoFo prompts. This year, I'll be doing it a little differently to make it a bit easier on myself. It will also give a concentrated snap shot of what my blog normally covers.
  • Week one: Recipe Round-Ups! Where I go through several recipes from a cookbook, and let you know what I think.
  • Week two: Eating out! See some of my favourite places around Brisbane that I have been eating at lately.
  • Week three: Menus! This is in the same theme as recipe round-ups, though I will be focusing on specific menus that I have made from books. I cannot resist a good menu suggestion!
  • Week four: Occasions Week! This week I'll be joining the MoFo train and following the daily prompts for the final week.
Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

My cats are my life. Friends will know that my three cat family of girls has been reduced down to one, Dim Sim. She is a perfect 18 year old tiny black moggy. But her sisters, Gizmo and Sahara, are forever in my heart. I miss them so much. They also had a cousin, our family cat Possum, who passed away a few years ago as well. I share a kitty photo with ever post, and I normally have a theme for every MoFo. This year will be group photos of my kitties.

Dim Sim, Sahara, and Gizmo

Here are my three girls, back when we lived in Sydney. Dim Sim at the back, Sahara in the middle, and Gizmo at the front.


  1. I'm kin of doing my own thing for Mofo too. I think I'll follow some prompts and then do some of my own!
    I always love your recipe round-up and eating out posts! Especially your knack for finding amazing ice cream!
    I love the three girls together!!

  2. Your weekly themes sound great, especially the menus, and I love that you'll be sharing group photos of your sweet kitties!