Sunday, 9 September 2018

VeganMoFo 2018 #9: Eating Out: Fitz+Potts and Ciao Gelato

Welcome to week two of VeganMoFo 2018! This week we say goodbye to Recipe Round-Ups, and hello to Eating Out! This is where I eat out at places around my hometown Brisbane (or occasionally further afield), and tell you all about it!

Nunda is on the north side and not really a place that I go too often. However, earlier this year I had two instances where I made the trek over there. There are actually quite a few vegan friendly places over there, but both times I was headed to the same two places: Fitz+Potts and Ciao Gelato. While I'd been to Ciao Gelato a couple of times before, these were the first times I have been to Fitz+Potts. I was excited!

Fitz+Potts is a very unique little bar, it is full of interesting rooms with interesting seats. Though very few seats to easy eating and good digestion! Lots of different rooms with soft sofas or stools perched at funny tables (that don't seem to have much leg room). But it certainly is an experience! The first time I went with my life wife Ashleigh, a Friday for lunch, we ended up sitting in a room with a range of couches and coffee tables, and my chair had a kitty cushion!

Fitz & Potts

Fitz & Potts

We shared a bunch of things. While not all vegan, there are several well marked vegan option on the menu. The potato crispies were amazing, fried, seasoned potato with a creamy vegan aioli for dipping. Though they went cold quickly and did not hold up well once they did. Thankfully we ordered some pickles, which helped cut through the grease.

Potato Crispies at Fitz & Potts

Dill Pickles at Fitz & Potts

We also shared some Bao (soft pillowy steamed buns stuffed with edamame, green pea and wasabi mash; coriander aioli; strips of crispy, crumbed fillet; fresh cucumber; coriander and a sprinkling of toasted sesame). They were nice, I love bao. Though the fillet I am pretty sure was one of the White Box Fry's schnitzels, which was odd with the other ingredients. I would have preferred some tofu.

Vegan Bao at Fitz & Potts

Fitz+Potts is also well known for their jaffles, and they have a rotating selection of jaffles (including two vegan ones) every day. We ordered one with cheese, sausage, pickles, and jalapenos. I asked for it without the jalapenos, but the filling is pre-mixed. They said they would pick them out, but they did not. Once I picked them out and my mouth stopped burning, it was fun! Lots of tomato sauce for the side.

Cheese, sausage, pickle, mustard, jalapeno jaffle at Fitz & Potts

Fitz+Potts is literally across the road from Ciao Gelato, so stopping by for some ice cream afterwards is the only sensible thing to do. This time I went nutty, with a scoop of hazelnut, and a scoop of pistachio. In a vegan cone, of course.

Hazelnut and Pistachio scoops at Ciao Gelato

My next visit was with my friend Melanie, to try out their weekend brunch. This time, our room had a disco ball. What could be more fun at 11am on a Sunday morning?

Disco Room at Fitz & Potts

We shared their vegan breakfast board, which had sun-dried tomatoes, olive tapenade, marinated mushrooms, dill pickles, roasted sweet potato, smoked sesame cheese, onion jam, a schnitzel, and a bagel. It was a really lovely spread, and I especially loved the tapenade, the jam, and the sesame cheese!

Vegan Breakfast Board at Fitz & Potts

We also shared a Smoky Maple Pie. Pies are on the menu, but vegan pies are not always available. One of the owners is an amazing pie maker, and the morning we were in they mentioned they had some of these pies hanging around when they found out we were vegan. It was so good, totally amazing! I wish I had bought some to take home!

Smokey Maple Pie at Fitz & Potts

Then it was time for brunch ice cream at Ciao Gelato! This time I got a scoop of hazelnut, and a scoop of my favourite - the passionfruit.

Passionfruit and Hazelnut from Ciao Gelato

I haven't been back to either place since these visits, though mainly because they are not really in the vicinity of any of my regular weekly movements. But I certainly recommend giving them a try if you are in the area, or even if you have to travel a bit to get there!

Fitz+Potts - 1180 (Upstairs) Sandgate Rd, Nundah

Ciao Gelato - 1/1207 Sandgate Rd, Nundah, Brisbane - 0479 036 947

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sahara and Possum

Possum hogging the camera, with a little Sahara poking out from behind.


  1. Cute kitty pillow! The potato crispies sound fun, and the smoky maple pie looks so good!

    1. I love a place that has cats in the decor.

  2. I just want to hang out with a good book all day!!
    Sahara the photo bomber!

    1. The couches they have there would be perfect for curling up to read and snack.

  3. What fun looking places! I only tried bao buns recently and loved them. We have a chain called Wagamamas that have launched a new vegan menu and they have a bao stuffed with aubergine and crispy mushrooms which is divine.

    1. I love bao! We used to have Wagamamas here as well, but they all closed a few years ago. It made me sad.

  4. Was the smokey maple pie a savory one?

    And I love pistachio ice cream. It has been awhile since I've eaten it.