Thursday, 27 September 2018

VeganMoFo 2018 #27: Netflix and UberEats (and a pizza)

27th: TV Trays – A sit-down meal might be nice, but sometimes getting cosy with food and netflix is also needed. What’s your TV dinner?

In all honestly, unless we are having a special family dinner like some of the ones I have mentioned this month, we eat pretty much everything in front of the TV. We live together, we talk about our days as they happen (or have a brief catch up when I get home from work), and sitting and watching TV while having dinner is an excellent way to spend most evenings.

So let's go even easier. When for some reason, on the odd occasion, I don't have time to cook or energy to cook, we order delivery. Unlike some lucky areas, there are only a few places with vegan options that will deliver to my house. These are their stories. Plus a bonus pizza.


Superoll is my go to, and for a while was the only real vegan option on UberEats. My favourite thing to get these days is the Master Tofu, which is tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables in a dark mushroom sauce. So good! But they have lots of other things, and I have eaten there as well. You can see some of my other orders and visits to Superoll here.

Master Tofu from Superoll


Located in the Westfield Garden City 8 Street Food Court, Bun added some vegan options to their menu a while ago. They have vegan pho, vermicelli salad, rice bowls, rice paper rolls, and fried tofu. The salads, bowls, and rolls have either lemongrass tofu or avocado as the option. I've had both the rice bowl and the vermicelli salad, both with lemongrass tofu, as well as the avocado rice paper rolls (with peanut hoisin sauce, of course!). It is a really nice, fresh option for when you want something a bit lighter.

Vegan Lemongrass Tofu Bun and Avocado Rice Paper Rolls from Bun

Vegan Lemongrass Tofu Rice Salad Bowl and Avocado Rice Paper Rolls from Bun


VeriVego is basically just the veg*n arm of Getta Burger, but they are separated out on UberEats (though you can order vegan burgers off the regular Getta Burger menu now as well). I got the cheeseburger, which had a beefy patty (I think the Fry's patties), cheese (biocheese I am pretty sure), pickles, onions, mustard, and BBQ sauce on an oat bun. I asked for mine without the onion... and it came with no onion but also no pickles. WHAT? I WANT ALL THE PICKLES. I luckily had some pickles in my fridge that I sliced and added. The burger was fine, but really nothing special, especially for what you pay. My mum had one of their vegetarian burgers and was also pretty 'meh'. The chips were better. Sweet potato fries were good, but the potato curls were so delicious! With some tomato relish.

Vegan Cheeseburger from Veri Vego Burger

Potato Curls and Sweet Potato Fries with Tomato Relish from Veri Vego Burger

Michael's Oriental

For as long as I can remember, Michael's Oriental has been basically just up the road from my house. A couple of months ago, they introduced a vegan menu, that is now also available on UberEats. I ordered a selection for the family - cashew chicken, chinese greens, mongolian chicken, and fried rice. It was really nice and satisfying. The mongolian chicken was a little on the spicy side for me, but OK when mixed with the other things. A lot of their menu looks too spicy for me, but I am keen to try out some of their noodle dishes and they sweet corn soup at some point.

Chicken and Cashew, Chinese Greens, Mongolian Chicken, Fried Rice, from Michael's Oriental


I didn't UberEats this, I didn't even get it delivered. I picked it up on the way to watch a movie at a friend's house, but I think it still counts. Domino's is the latest pizza chain to introduce vegan cheese, and the one I am most excited about. I've posted before about Crust and Pizza Caper's vegan pizza, but they use Biocheese which is very heavy on the coconut oil for me. Domino's uses Follow Your Heart, which is my very favourite vegan cheese for pizza! Yay! In fact, when they first announced vegan cheese, they sold out in about two seconds and had to spend a month working out exactly how much vegan cheese they need. So I was excited to finally get to try it. The Vegan Cheesy Bread is like a garlic bread with cheese and is SO GOOD and why am I not eating it right now? They also have three vegan pizzas, though none of them really spoke to me. So we got the Vegetarian Pizza, minus the feta and capsicum, added pineapple and olives, and using vegan cheese. It was a really good pizza. This will be my go to vegan pizza delivery/pick up for sure.

Vegan Cheesy Bread from Dominos

Vegerama pizza with vegan cheese, pineapple, and olives (minus feta and capsicum) from Dominos

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Gizmo and Sahara

No washing up needed when Gizmo and Sahara are on the case! They will lick your bowls super clean.


  1. OMG, if Domino's in the US had vegan pizza (especially with FYH cheese), I would order it so much, haha! The cheesy bread looks amazing, too! I'm so jealous!

    1. I am still amazed that I have only ordered it once. I feel like I should be getting it all the time!

  2. I swear you fin the tastiest food! I'm really craving salad rolls now!!
    Those potato curls look amazing.
    I never liked Domino's as a vegetarian, but now all I want is vegan Domino's!

    1. When I first went vegan I would sometimes get Domino's without any cheese, but it has been years and years and years since I've had any. The FYH is a huge draw card fro me.

      And the potato curls would definitely float your boat!

  3. Ugh I wish Dominos would have vegan cheese here! Actually that is a lie, I hate dominos pizza lol. I am a pizza snob lol. this post makes me what everything other than what I made for dinner tonight. Oops! lol

    1. The curse of reading food posts. If I'm eating, I want what I don't have. If I'm not eating, I get so hungry!

      Domino's definitely isn't fancy, but that FYH cheese I am there for!

  4. Everything looks so good, especially that Master Tofu dish!
    Our Domino's started offering vegan options this year too. Your pizza looks great with all those toppings. I haven't had pineapple on pizza in such a long time -- I think I might try adding it to their BBQ pizza next time. I don't think we can get vegan cheesy bread though!

    1. Pineapple is one of my favourite pizza toppings, and I think it is excellent with BBQ.

  5. Seriously, US chain restaurants are like a million times better outside of the US! I swear! I’m spoiled for pizza living in nyc- finally it’s fairly easy to find a shop with vegan cheese or at least a no cheese option.
    I’m not coordinated enough to eat dinner in front of the tv- heck i can make a mess just at a normal table trying to be neat!