Tuesday, 11 September 2018

VeganMoFo 2018 #11: Eating Out: Frankee & Co

Frankee & Co is a cute little cafe that is really not too far from me. And yet I have only been a handful of times. I have blogged about the first time, which was when my friend Molly was visiting from Seattle. But I have since been back twice.

I had an appointment one Saturday morning that was literally around the corner from it, so to not stop in for brunch would have been foolish! I was so keen on getting the pancakes... I approached the counter... and I was told that they had just sold out! Oh yes, person who ordered two serves for their table, I was watching you the entire time you ate them. I hope you liked them. Hmph. Anyway, I consoled myself with an order of the Vegan Stack instead. This was a tower of vegan fritters, spinach, mushroom, avocado, and tomato. Served with some BBQ sauce. It took ages to come out, apparently they'd accidentally made a non-vegan stack. But they gave me an extra fritter in my stack for the wait. I also ordered the Summer Dragon - a smoothie with dragon fruit, coconut water, lime, and mint), a refreshing beverage given that I had also been to yoga.

Summer Dragon (dragonfruit, coconut water, lime, mint) at Frankee & Co

The Vegan Stack at Frankee & Co

I went back another Sunday morning, and had a slight panic when I saw that the menu had changed and the pancakes were not on it. But thankfully, I saw that they had just been moved to the specials board. And they were in stock! A pile of pancakes with bananas, maple syrup, and a not-too-coconut-fatty coconut foam. Worth the wait! I also had a drink off the specials board, a peanut butter latte. This was SO GOOD! Soy milk, peanut butter, and vanilla all frothed up.

Vegan Banana Pancakes at Frankee & Co

Peanut Butter Latte at Frankee & Co

Frankee & Co - Shop 5, 63-65 Springwood Road, Springwood, QLD - (07) 3299 5698

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sahara and Gizmo

Our sunroom has a nice big window, so lots of space for cats to look out into the yard. Sahara and Gizmo were clearly interested in opposite things.


  1. The vegan stack looks great, and hooray for an extra fritter, haha! What a sweet photo of Sahara and Gizmo! <3

    1. Yes, I am always happy to get some bonus food. ;)

  2. The vegan stack looks so delicious! And the smoothie is such a beautiful color!! I remember putting dragonfruit in a smoothie once and it made it so creamy!
    I LOVE that picture of Gizmo and Sahara!!

    1. I actually prefer dragonfruit/pitaya to acai in smoothies and bowls because I just love the colour.

  3. I have never actually had vegan pancakes in a cafe only at home. However a new cafe opened in our town last week that seems pretty vegan friendly AND they have pancakes on their breakfast menu. I need to get down there!

    1. I hope they are good! Normally I am a savoury person for breakfast, but I just love pancakes so much!