Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Eating Out: Dominos

Technically this is an Eating In, because all of these pizzas were either picked up or delivered to eat at home. Pizza! Yes, Australian pizza places are falling over themselves to have vegan options these days. It started with Crust and Pizza Capers, though their use of coconut-oil heavy BioCheese meant that I wasn't a fan. Then Dominos made their vegan range, blessedly offering my very favourite Follow Your Heart cheese. The one thing about Dominos is that you couldn't customise the vegan pizzas, they come as is. But you can make you own pizza using vegan cheese, which I did once before.

Their initial range of vegan pizzas were vegetable based, and there was only one that I could have (ie, no capsicum or chili, seeing as I couldn't customise the pizza to remove it), and that was the Margherita. But I like a Margherita, so that was still a good option. Particularly if work was ordering pizza for lunch, that was what I would get. Additionally, while their garlic bread has been vegan for a long time, they introduced a Cheese Garlic Bread that is the bomb.

Vegan Magarita Pizza and Cheesy Bread from Dominos

Then they took the step we needed, that no other mainstream pizza company had done, and added plant based meats. THANK YOU! So, the plant based meat pizzas can be either vegetarian or vegan, so you need to make sure you specify that you want vegan! Of course I had to race off to try the Hawaiian (pineapple on pizza forever!) and the Loaded Burger. I love Hawaiian Pizza, though I prefer it with black olives added because that takes it to the next level. Trust me and try it. But the Loaded Burger ended up being my favourite! Vegan beef, cheese, red onion, and tomato, topped with a special sauce.

Vegan Hawaiian Pizza from Dominos

Vegan Loaded Burger from Dominos

The above two pizzas I picked up, because delivery was somehow more than twice the coast of pick up. WHAT? Yuck. But then Dominos had a special for $15 delivery of any pizza, including the vegan range. So I ordered the Vegan Plant-Based Beef and Onion. This is a simple pizza, with BBQ sauce, vegan beef crumbles, red onion, and cheese. But it was so delicious. We also got some of their vegan cheesy bread, of course.

2019-12-15 13.13.28

Vegan Cheesy Bread from Dominos

Dominos is definitely kicking it out of the park for vegans. Recently, Pizza Hut started offering vegan cheese as well (stay tuned for that post), but Dominos remains my favourite. However I noticed looking at their menu online, it is very hard to find the vegan options, and seems to only list the cheese bread... and now they only seem to have a few of the plant based meat ones available as vegan... I am not sure why you cannot just switch the cheese to vegan cheese? I shall investigate and report back! This is their current vegan options page.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Harriet and Billy Bob

Harriet and Billy Bob... this photo is not any better than the last! Silly kitties!!!!


  1. Oh, wow! I haven't checked our Domino's offerings in a long time. I probably should find out if anybody is doing vegan pizza delivery in the U.S. (I somehow doubt it, but always worth looking).

    1. I think this is one area where Australia is excelling! Hopefully other pizza chains around the world will catch up soon.

  2. Freaking cheesey garlic bread sounds amazing!
    When I come to give Dim Sim love, and have a food tour guide from you we just have to skip pizzas. We are on very opposite sides of the pineapple on pizza debate!

  3. Wow, I am even more jealous of your Dominos options than I was the first time! So many exciting pizzas to choose from!

  4. Wow, these look way better than I expected! Dominos is going back on my to-try list for the first time in 20 years. :D