Thursday, 12 March 2020

Cruelty Free Shop March 2020 Vegan Mystery Box

Another month, another delivery of my CFS Vegan Mystery Box! Let's take a peek.


  • LoveRaw Butter Cups - Cookie Dough: Always lovely to see something raw without coconut oil! I've already had these and they were nice, but peanut butter cups forever.
  • Happy Turtle Organic Cotton & Bamboo Cotton Buds: Compostable cotton buds! I had a box from a different company that was almost empty... the day that I got this box I had just been and replaced them. And then I got home to more cotton buds! Anyway, very happy to have more and I am now well stocked for cotton buds.
  • The Carob Kitchen Vegan Banjo Bear: Can people stop trying to make carob happen? Just gimme chocolate. Look, I did eat this and to be fair it didn't taste like mud. However that was because it was full of so many other sweeteners and weirdness that it just tasted... like empty sweetness. Blah.
  • Nature's Charm Banana Blossom in Brine: Thankfully they included a recipe for a paella using these, because I still have the tin in my cupboard that they sent in a mystery box last year! Most recipe I have found involve deep frying them which I just do no want to do. Has anyone had much experience with these? I've used them once to make a bowl from Wicked Healthy, but nothing else.
  • x50 Cauliuflower Chips - Sea Salt: Yay for savoury snacks!
  • Go Organic Fruit Chews: These look like little vegan Starbursts (though I think Starbursts are vegan somewhere in the world)? Anyway, chewy fruity fun.
  • Gluten Free Food Co Mac N Cheez - Chilli: Gave this to my mac and cheese loving friend who doesn't mind chilli.
  • Koja Peanut Butter Bar - Choc Chip Crunch: I haven't had this year, but as it is peanut butter I have high hopes!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Mighty Pigeon Art Family Portait

Another family portrait! This one was a commission by Mighty Pigeon Art, who does wonderful portraits like this, as well as amazing individual pet portraits! Check her out.


  1. Carob does seem dated. Is there a real reason why people thought it was better? I genuinely don't know.

    1. I don't know either. Unless you are dog, there is no reason to eat it.

  2. The cauliflower chips sound yummy! And that is such an incredibly beautiful family portrait! <3