Friday, 30 August 2019

VeganMoFo 2019 #30: Care Packages From Around The World

Welcome to the penultimate day of MoFo 2019!

Earlier this year, Dim Sim was having a really rough time with a lot of urinary issues, as well as a seizure, and I was so stressed and really struggling more than I normally struggle. My mental health isn't the greatest - I have significant depression and anxiety - and Dim Sim is my everything. When she is unwell, I really struggle extra hard.

So when I got home one day to a beautiful care package from my lovely friend Jojo, I cried a little. Fizzy dino lollies (excellent for my renewed dinosaur and Jurassic Park love), chocolate, stickers, an awesome pin (she said it was a magic Dim Sim), and such a cute postcard. Oh, my heart. I have been lucky enough to meet Jojo and her partner Nick a few times. We spent some time hanging out at VidaVeganCon in Austin, but also they spent some time working at an animal rescue near Brisbane a couple of years ago, so we got to hang out and eat food and have fun then as well.

Package from Jojo

A little while later, I also got a surprise package from my friends Sarra and Mike, who live in Seattle. Despite visiting Seattle a number of times, we didn't connect until after my last visit there, so I have never met them in person - yet. But I know one day I'll be with them, enjoying one of their famous back movies and junk food nights, and that is definitely something to look forward to. This package had loads of savoury snacks (I was so excited about those Pizza Chips, they were amazing!), some sweets, a couple of things for Dim Sim, and some cute little fun figurines. Also another very awesome postcard.

Package from Sarra

Postcard from Sarra and Mike

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim in her Chair Cave

Thankfully Dim Sim has been doing better lately. She is so precious, and I really need her to be well! Her favourite 'bed' is not really a cat bed at all, but a bed she has made for herself. We call it her Chair Cave. We have a chair in our sunroom, and she likes to sleep on it but underneath a blanked draped over the top. If anyone else sits there, she gets miffed! Here she is, snuggled in and looking a bit put out to over this intrusion to her privacy.


  1. How fun! I should surprise my British friends with a Halloween package; if I tell them in advance they always send me candy.

    1. There is something so joyous about a surprise package!

  2. Awww I love this!!! What thoughtful packages, it's always fun to try products you can't find locally! If someone wanted to send you some goodies how would they be able to get in touch with you ;) A little birdie wants to know for when that birdie gets settled into her new routine, ha!

    1. How odd, a little birdie had also been wondering how they might get in touch with you for some goodies... what clever little birdies. ;)

  3. What sweet care packages! It's so nice when people reach out to show they are thinking about you. And I'm very relieved Dim Sim has been doing better lately. <3

  4. Such wonderful care packages! I used to really like cheddar and sour cream chips, so I would have been super excited to try those! Dim Sim is adorable in her little cave!