Friday, 16 August 2019

VeganMoFo 2019 #16: N is for Netherworld (Eating Out)

I've been to Netherworld only a handful of times, but I am always keen to get back there for more. Arcade games, board games, a default vegan menu (though I always still specify vegan as they do have swaps for omnivore), and a bar (if that is your thing, I am not a drinker), Netherworld is a lot of fun. Thankfully I had a chance to get back there just last week, which is good because they change the menu semi-regularly, so if you want to try something you should go while you know it is on the menu! You can see my previous visits here.

While we were waiting for our food, we played a couple of rounds of the Jurassic Park pinball machine. I have recently rediscovered my love of Jurassic Park/World and all things dino, so I was super excited to see it there and be able to play it. I sucked so bad, it is really hard! But once I got the T Rex to eat the ball, and that was super thrilling!

Jurassic Park Pinball at Netherworld

OK, so time for food. One of my friends got the Burgatory with a side of fries. The Burgatory has been a fixture on the menu since day one (I think), so this seems to not be going anywhere. It is their version of a cheeseburger (burger, cheese, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, pickles), but it also has onion rings. Their fries are also seasoned with nacho seasoning.

Burgatory with Fries at Netherworld

I got a serve of Kracken Critters to share, which are salt and pepper tofu bites served with tartare sauce. These were delicious, but quite filling!

Kracken Kritters at Netherworld

They have revamped their Mac and Cheese. It used to be made with udon noodles, and a too spicy for my sriracha cheese sauce. They have since changed it to regular macaroni and a non-spicy sauce. My friend ordered this, and I tried a little bit. It was good, though the tomato sauce had quite a strong tomato flavour to it. She also had a side of Caesar Salad with it. You can also get the Caesar Salad as a main, but I love that they have it as a side as well!

Mac and Cheese with a side of Caesar Salad at Netherworld

As for me, I ordered the Wampus Pizza Waffle with a side of Caesar Salad. The is a potato gem (aka tater tot) waffle topped with pizza sauce, mushrooms, olives, capers, cheese, and rocket. It was amazing! But so big and filling, especially after the tofu bites! I also loved the salad, which has lettuce, garlic croutons, fried capers, shaved parmesan, Tofurky ham slices, shredded vegan chicken and Caesar dressing. I didn't notice an shredded chicken though, so I wonder if that is only if you get it in the main dish serving. It would be great as a main as well!

Wampus Pizza Waffle with Caesar Salad side at Netherworld

Finally, some dessert. Well, I only tried a tiny bit. It is the Ekka at the moment, which is an agricultural show (yes, with all that means, sadness) in the city. Strawberries and Cream is one of the traditional Ekka foods, and Netherworld had a special Ekka menu. This was the Strawberry Sundae Waffle, with waffle, ice cream (coconut based), strawberry syrup, and fresh strawberries. I tried a bit of the waffle itself, but I wasn't a fan. I did like the strawberry syrup though, and of course the strawberries.

Ekka Strawberry Sundae Waffles at Netherworld

And now, for a little food bonus! That morning, I saw that some friends on Facebook has responded to a vegan event at a cafe that was only six minutes walk from Netherworld. I had never heard of this place before, which is called The Pick Up Joint. They were selling vegan baked treats for a Chihuahuha rescue. So it seemed like fate. We popped around there while we were waiting for Netherworld to open, and picked up a few treats. I got a chocolate custard tart (which was my dinner because I was still too full from Netherworld to even think of cooking and eating an actual meal), and a vegan sticky bun (which was my breakfast the next day).

Sticky Bun and Chocolate Custard Tart from The Pick Up Joint

Netherworld - 186 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

The Pick Up Joint - 97 Kennigo Street, Fortitude Valley

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Possum in bed

Our sweet family boy Possum was also not one for cat beds, but he still liked to snuggle on and in human beds! Here he is when he was a young man, tucked under a doona cover.


  1. A tater tot waffle with pizza toppings sounds AMAZING. Do you think I could make something like that at home with a waffle iron?

    1. You definitely could! I have seen people do it online, and I have some recipes for waffled potato gems. In fact, you can cool all kinds of things in a waffle iron apparently.

  2. OMG I would never be able to choose! That burger looks seriously incredible and OMG A TATER TOT WAFFLE PIZZA!!!!! What is life?! That sounds seriously amazing. Dessert looks lovely as well and so do the bonus treats. Seriously some incredible looking food there!

    OMG Possum! That little head and paw sticking out, how cute!!

    1. They have such a fun menu! I really need to go there more often because I want to try so much. But the pizza waffle just really spoke to me.

  3. The salt and pepper tofu bites sound delicious, and the tater tot waffle pizza is such a creative idea!
    What an adorable picture of Possum!

  4. The most comfy looking kitty!