Saturday, 24 August 2019

VeganMoFo 2019 #24: V is for Vale... Ginger & Rose (Eating Out)

I was originally thinking of another prompt for this letter, but hadn't organised myself well enough to get it together. But then, something sad happened. And maybe it is a bit of a stretch to use this for the letter V, but it is my MoFo so I make my own rules.

I've posted a number of times about Ginger & Rose, a lovely cafe with lots of vegan options and delightful service. Last week, they suddenly announced that they would be closing the following day. I am very sad about it. Thankfully, I had managed to visit a couple of times in the weeks leading up to this, so I at least had got to experience some of their new menu. But wow, sadness.

I will miss their amazing waffles so much. They were so good, and I loved that they used soy ice cream instead of gross coconut ice cream. I did get to try the new waffle on their final menu, a Vanilla Chocolate Waffle. Grilled bananas, berries, cinnamon sugar, ganache, and ice cream. Oh, and the waffles had chocolate chips in them as well. A beautiful send off to the best waffles in Brisbane.

Choc Chip Berry Waffles at Ginger & Rose

Normally I have a strawberry milkshake there as my drink of choice, but this day I branched out to try the Banana Chai smoothie. Banana, chai spices, soy milk, and soy ice cream. So basically a milkshake. It was really lovely.

Banana Smoothie at Ginger & Rose

I also took a few treats away. A raspberry chocolate muffin, and a stuffed ANZAC cookie.

Chocolate Raspberry Muffin and ANZAC Sandwich Cookie at Ginger & Rose

On my final (unbeknown to me) visit, I took the savoury route and tried their Vegan Loaded Croissant. It had sauteed mushrooms, lemony bok choy, roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, and caramelised onion. It was normally served with a capsicum-based puree, but I got them to swap it for beetroot puree. I also had a side of tempeh with it. A lovely combination of flavours, I loved that this was full of veggies as well.

Loaded Vegan Croissant with Tempeh at Ginger & Rose

Thankfully, I ordered one final strawberry milkshake. I will miss these. More places need to use soy ice cream.

Strawberry Milkshake at Ginger & Rose

I also took home a slice of banana cake, but it got all mushed on the drive home. And I innocently thought 'I'll take a photo of it in the cabinet the next time I am there', but now I never will be able to. Oh so sad. But seriously, thank you Ginger & Rose for everything.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Kittens in a bed

Well, how about some kittens to cheer us up! If you remember Lil' Bob for a few posts ago? We were able to get his sister, Lil' Jane. She came around very fast with some handling. Look at these too cuties together!


  1. The banana chai smoothie sounds amazing!! And the croissant too!!
    OMG Lil Bob and Lil Jane are killing me with cuteness!!!!

  2. That is so sad that they are closing! The food looks so good I can understand why you love it so much. I LOVE waffles with ice cream even though I never really get to eat it and the savory loaded croissant sounds incredible!

    OMG SWEET KITTIES!!! Too much!!!

    1. Most of the other places with vegan waffles here serve them with coconut ice cream, so I never get them. I am normally a savoury breakfast person, but waffles and pancakes are an exception!

  3. Oh no, I'm so sad for you that they are closing! I'm glad you were able to enjoy many nice meals there, and take home lots of goodies, too! The loaded croissant sounds amazing, and I would have loved to try it!
    Sweet kittens!

    1. It was quite sad, I already had my next meal there planned out! But I am glad that I got to enjoy it while I could.

  4. Oh, such sad news about Ginger & Rose! I had eagerly bookmarked your posts for my next Brissie visit.

    1. I'm sorry you won't get to try those waffles next time you are here.