Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Midweek Munchies

More fun food times!

The World Vegan Day haul I posted in my last MM post had a jar of Nutty Bay Mushroom Cashew Cheese, which was phenomenal! A few weeks later, my friends gave me all their other flavours for my birthday. They are so good! My favourites are definitely the mushroom one and the garlic one, but they all great. The olive one was like mild tapenade, which I liked because I often find tapenade itself a bit too overpowering.

Nutty Bay Cashew Cheeses

This lasagne was another freezer meal from the sadly no longer Shaggy's Vegan Shack. And it was really delicious. It was meaty and cheesy, and the top layer of pasta had just gone that little bit crispy, which I love.

Unknown lasagna

A bunch of Upton meals. This Thai Curry Noodle was really a bit too spicy for me. Plus such a teeny serving, with a lot of packaging (the noodles, sauce, and fried shallots all had their own plastic). I served it over some spinach.

Upton's Thai Curry Noodle

I used their BBQ jackfruit to make the Curried BBQ Rice Bowl with Agave Mustard Sauce, which had roasted curried sweet potato (I used a small amount of mild BBQ sauce), kale (I used spinach), BBQ jackfruit, and rice. Sadly, the BBQ jackfruit itself was a bit too spicy for me! Why make BBQ spicy? But it was a nice bowl.

Curried BBQ Rice Bowl with Agave Mustard Sauce using Upton's BBQ Seitan

I had super high hopes for their Bacon Mac and Cheese. But I was pretty disappointed. I had heard that stove top had better results than microwaving, so that's what I did. But the pasta was weird and chewy, there was hardly any bacon, and the sauce was OK but needed to be more. Oh, and two servings? No way. Not even one serving!

Upton's Bacon Mac and Cheese

I had also got these Dairy Down Under snack packs in my WVD shopping extravaganza. The cheese one was good, though I would have preferred regular crackers to the GF rice crackers. The cream cheese was very weird though, I didn't like the taste so definitely wouldn't get this again. Tofutti cream cheese still reigns supreme!

Dairy Free Down Under Cracker Snack Packs

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


Meet Jed! Jed was brought in as a stray and surrendered to us. He is the sweetest guy, and loves lying around with his tummy exposed. He also loves having his tummy rubbed! The good news is that he will eventually have a wonderful home to go to.


  1. I've heard a lot of bad things about the Uptons ready meals an mac and cheese.One of my big problems with packaged food is the calories and serving size. Like the Amy's frozen mac and cheese is two servings, and to be honest I on't even feel full after eating the whole thing myself!
    Jed is so very sweet!! I hope he finds a family soon!

    1. And the prices of Upton's here are so expensive, I can't justify buying them again.

  2. OMG JEDI!!!! How cute!! Too bad about the mac and cheese, I am always really hesitant to try boxed vegan mac and cheese because I'm always so disappointed. I always say I'm going to make it myself but haven't yet. I would not have expected the jackfruit to be spicy either, how strange! The lasagna and cheese sauces look sooooo good!

    1. Homemade mac and cheese is definitely the best way. Though I've tried a bunch of different recipes and not all are equal, but there are some amazing recipes! I like cashew based sauces the best.

  3. I agree that the serving sizes on the Upton's readymade meals are way off. Plus, the quality just isn't there. If I was going camping or traveling across country with only access to a microwave, maybe I'd buy them again. Otherwise, I skip those products. I like their seitan, though.

    Jed is so sweet!! I want to rub that belly!

    1. He wants you to rub his belly!

      Sadly, the one thing we don't get here is their seitan! Jackfruit and ready meals, but what I really want is their seitan.

  4. I love long haired cats shaved down. So cute

    1. We had to clip him because his poor coat was so matted when he came in. But he suits his hair cut so well!