Sunday, 7 April 2019

Eating Out: Sattva Yoga Cafe

Sattva Yoga Cafe is in West End, where else, but is a bit further out from the main hub. It is a really lovely, calming space. It has a studio for yoga classes and meditation, if that is your jam, but it also has an all vegetarian, mostly vegan, cafe. And that is definitely my jam. I've been a few times.

At my heart, I am a basic vegan, and I cannot go past the lure of satay tofu. Warm tofu, brown rice, salad, veggies, and satay sauce. This was everything I hoped it would be. It also comes in a burger form, that I will try at some point, but honestly the bowl is where my heart lives/

Satay Tofu Bowl at Sattva Yoga Cafe

They have a small selection of sweet treats, with several vegan options. I really enjoyed this Passionfruit Melting Moment, and I also had a good Monte Carlo from there at another visit as well (no photo of that).

Melting Moment at Sattva Yoga Cafe

Most excitingly, they have a large selection of different lattes, all of which can be made iced (important in the hot Brisbane weather), and which tickle my fancy for silly drinks. The iced Rose Pistachio latte on soy milk is divine! (Note, if you are looking on their website it says it contains honey, this is an old menu and it has been changed to be completely vegan by using a different sweetener).

2018-10-04 13.01.07

I also enjoyed a Falafel Bowl (falafels, brown rice, salad, hummus, babaganoush, pita chips, tahini dressing). Though instead of pita chips, it had corn chips... not quite the same but still fun.

Falafel Bowl at Sattva Yoga Cafe

They have a selection of juices as well, which is nice on a hot day. Especially if you have just been to a sweaty bikram yoga class. The Thirst Quencher with watermelon, apple, and cucumber lived up to its name. For some reason, they seem to serve their juices with two straws. Paper straws, yes, but that really is unnecessary waste.

Thirst Quencher Juice at Sattva Yoga Cafe

One of the most fun items on the menu is the Loaded Hot Dog.This baby has not one but two hot dogs (pretty sure they are the Vegie Delights ones), topped with cashew cheese, avocado, beetroot hummus, rainbow slaw, chilli lime ketchup & pumpkin turmeric mustard. I got them to sub out the chilli lime ketchup for regular non-chilli ketchup. This is huge and loaded and impossible to eat with your hands!

Loaded Hot Dog at Sattva Yoga Cafe

I recently had the chance to stop by and pick up some lunch unexpectedly from there to bring back to work. I tried the Sattva bowl. It is meant to have a beetroot chickpea patty, roast veggies, beetroot slaw, beetroot hummus, and vegan cashew cheese. I am not really sure about the cashew cheese, it certainly seemed more like an almond or tofu ricotta. But it was still tasty.

Sattva Bowl from Sattva Yoga Cafe

I also tried the iced Vanilla Matcha Latte with soy milk. Unfortunately, the matcha was not strong enough. I was expecting more flavour.

Vanilla Matcha Iced Latte from Sattva Yoga Cafe

Sattva is definitely a place worth checking out. I want to continue working my way through their lattes, and also enjoying some more satay tofu!

Sattva Yoga Cafe - 320 Montague Road, West End(Entry through Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, Corner of Beattie & Skinner St)

Cute... Doggo Photo of the Post??

Loki at Sattva Yoga Cafe

Wait, this is not a kitty! No, this is Loki. On one of my visits to the cafe, he was there hanging out. He was cool. But don't worry, back to kitties in the next post!


  1. You and I definitely share a deep, deep love for peanut sauce! I would have chosen the bowl too!
    The falafel bowl looks delicious too, although a little weird with the tortilla chips!

  2. I'm always jealous about Australia's great lattes. Makes me want to grab one <3

    You can tell even in that photo there isn't enough matcha in that latte!

    1. We have so many fun varieties here! In all sorts of colours.

  3. OMG that pup! His face is so squishy I LOVE HIM!!!! The food all looks amazing and that juice really does sound refreshing! That falafel is definitely beautiful but I have to agree that pita chips would have been so much more satisfying. That passionfruit melting moment looks incredible!

    1. I love melting moments, and passionfruit is the best flavour. I think they are an Australian thing.