Sunday, 21 April 2019

Eating Out: Loving Hut, Superoll, and MisoHapi

This post is a mish mash of a few individual little meals I have had out at a few different places on my own, so I thought I would just share them together.

Loving Hut Brisbane:

Loving Hut is a stalwart of the vegan Brisbane scene. I used to go there so much, I have eaten almost the entire menu. I don't go there that often anymore, or if I do it is often to get an old favourite for takeaway. But one day I stopped in for lunch and saw that they had something new on their very slowly changing special board. These Hokkien Noodles were delicious and savoury. Also very oily, I could have cut back on that a bit, but it was a nice lunch. (See other visits to Loving Hut here.)

Hokkien Noodle Special at Loving Hut


Despite being very close to me, I haven't eaten at Superoll all that often. But I have ordered delivery from them loads of times. My usual go to is a dish of tofu, mushrooms, and zucchini (wish it was broccoli) in a savoury sauce. One day after being at an event around the corner, I decided to stop in for a quick dinner. I got the Char Siu bowl, which has their delicious char siu, some rice, bok choy, corn, and roasted peanuts. I also had a Jo Melon drink, which was watermelon, soy milk, and ice. It was sweet and refreshing. (See previous Superoll visits and deliveries here.)

Char Siu Bowl at Superoll

Jo Melon at Superoll


I love this Japanese restaurant in West End that has vegan options. I popped in for lunch one day and finally had a whole bowl of their vegan shoyu ramen all to myself. While their miso ramen is also delicious, I think this one is my favourite. I also finally had some Tofu Croquette Agedashi. Every other time I'd been in they had been out of the croquettes. While the croquettes themselves were good, and the agedashi broth was amazing, together they just created a bowl of mush. (See previous visits here.)

Shoyu Ramen at MisoHapi

Agedashi Croquettes at MisoHapi

Loving Hut - Shop 2/1420 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt, Queensland

Superoll - Shop 22a, 342 McCullough St, Sunnybank, Queensland

MisoHapi - 124 Boundary St, West End, Queensland

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim on my lap

A perfect little cat on my lap.


  1. The noodles looks so good! You do find the best food!
    She matches with your pants!!

    1. I have a lot of PJs and lounge clothes with black cats on them. It was a thing for a while and I bought every single one I could!

  2. Oooh what delicious meals! I go to Loving Hut every time I visit my friend in Orlando and I love it so much. It is delicious every time I go and that dish looks amazing. That ramen is also amazing, I'm so jealous! Ramen is so underrated, it's such a satisfying and comforting meal. What a sweet baby!!!

    1. I love ramen! There are now two all vegan ramen spots in Brisbane, plus vegan friendly places like MisoHapi, it is blessed time.

  3. Mmm... those tofu croquettes look so yummy!

    1. Next time I got I want to just get the croquettes on their own, so I can enjoy their crunchiness.

  4. The Hokkien noodles look great, as does the shoyu ramen, yum!
    Cute cuddly Dim Sim!

    1. I love when she sleeps on my lap. I feel so blessed.