Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Eating Out: Ginger & Rose

A few more visits to one of my favourite little cafes, Ginger & Rose. This place has a lovely atmosphere, the nicest staff, great food (including soy ice cream that I am forever grateful about), plus it is super dog friendly. You can see my previous visits here.

I met up with a new friend for lunch, and we started with some pretty coloured drinks. My favourite strawberry soy milkshake was as always pretty in pink, and they ordered a lovely green matcha latte.

Matcha Latte and Strawberry Milkshake at Ginger & Rose

I was keen to try the Vegan Burger, which is a sweet potato and chickpea patty topped with avocado, rocket, beetroot puree, and coconut tahini sauce. I had them sub in regular vegan aioli for the coconut sauce. This was delicious! Though a bit messy to eat. That beetroot puree swirl on the plate looks pretty, but made for sticky fingers! Worth it.

The Vegan Burger at Ginger & Rose

My friend ordered The Big Vegan, which I had ordered at my last visit. It comes with tempeh, not sausage, rosti, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and Nuttelex on toasted Turkish bread.

The Big Vegan at Ginger & Rose

I almost always get a little take home from their sweets cabinet, and this time I got a Berry Chocolate Muffin. That is indeed a big square of chocolate baked right into it!

Berry Chocolate Muffin at Ginger & Rose

Another time I visited on my own for lunch, and I tried their Vegan Fritters. They are packed full of peas and corn, and a served with avocado and cherry tomato salsa (with no chili in it), herbs, and a balsamic drizzle. I also got some tempeh on the side because I love their tempeh and more places should serve tempeh!

Vegan Fritters with Tempeh at Ginger & Rose

I did take away a slice of their amazing vegan banana cake, but I am incapable of getting a good photo of it. Next time I will take a photo of it in the cabinet! You may also notice that there are no waffles in this post. This is something that I am keep to fix ASAP, I love their waffles! They also have a new winter menu coming out soon, so I am excited to see what new vegan delights will be mine to try soon.

Ginger and Rose - Crn of James & Merthyr, New Farm, Brisbane - (07) 33388866

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Dim Sim

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  1. Honestly I think you could have a second career as a vegan food tour guide!!
    I've always liked soy ice cream. I actually remember trying some so long ago, when I wasn't even vegan and thinking how creamy it was! I think it's very underrated!!
    Putting a cjocolate square in the middle of a muffin is seriously brilliant!!
    Dim Sim, you are very. very beautiful!!!

    1. I would love to make a living by taking people around for food! I can always dream. ;)

  2. I agree with Hillary, I love all of these review posts and learning about the restaurants near you! The drinks are gorgeous and the meals look so good. Your friend's meal is definitely something I'd order. The muffin with the big square of chocolate looks so tempting! I have to agree, Dim Sim is indeed very beautiful!

    1. Over the past five years or so, Brisbane has become such a fun place for vegan options!

  3. Sweet potato & chickpea sounds like a great combination for a patty! And the fritters lunch looks so good!
    Beautiful Dim Sim!

    1. It is a good option for a veggie patty. A bit smooshy, as they often are, but still a good texture and taste.