Monday, 10 September 2018

VeganMoFo 2018 #10: Eating Out: Tea Master, Alpine Gelateria, DoughLord

I've been a couple of times to Tea Master in Fortitude Valley since my last visit. I remain a little mixed on my opinion on it. The menu is huge, with the vegan options clearly marked, so I suspect it is a matter of working through to find what I like! Being in The Valley, it is is also close to a couple of fun dessert places.

I went and saw the movie I, Tonya with my friend Amy in at the Valley cinemas, and afterwards we went for an early dinner to Tea Master. We shared some boiled dumplings to start. I'd had these at my first visit, and they are a good, savoury starter. \

Dumplings at Tea Master

We also each had a bubble tea. We both got Basil Seed Iced teas, Amy's was passionfruit and mine was kumquat.

Passionfruit and Kumquat Basil Seed Iced Teas at Tea Master

Amy had the Hainan Chicken for her main, and I had the Three Cups Mushroom. I have enjoyed Three Cups dishes at many places before, so I was surprised and sad when this one came with a fair bit of chili. I have never had chili in any of them before! I picked it out and ate around it, but it was still pretty spicy.

Hanian Chicken at Tea Master

Three Cup Mushroom at Tea Master

Afterwards, I needed to cool down my stomach, so I took an evening stroll down to Alpine Gelateria in the Emporium. They have a small range of vegan flavours, and even some very fancy vegan sundae options. I just opted from a scoop of Hazelnut Gelato. Sadly, their cones are not vegan, so I had to eat it in a cup.

Hazelnut Gelato from Alpine Gelato

Oh hey Brisbane, you are pretty at night!

Sparkle Lights

The next time I went was a couple of weeks later. My friend Lisa had a small, family wedding earlier that day, and was having a casual reception for friends afterwards. There would be some vegan food there, but to be safe I went and had dinner beforehand. They actually had some great vegan burger patties at the wedding, and I snagged a couple for lunches in the coming day!

But first, dinner at Tea Master. I FINALLY found a dish that I loved! The Tofu with Gravy was beautiful! Tofu, lots of vegetables, rice, and a lovely and fragrant gravy! I would have a hard time ordering something else in the future, I enjoyed this so much! And no chili at all!

Tofu with Gravy at Tea Master

Afterwards, I snuck around the corner to DoughLord, a cookie dough dessert place! Think an ice cream parlour, but instead of trays of ice cream, it is cookie dough! They always have a few vegan flavours. I picked Cookies & Cream, and Lamington. It was so good! Not like regular cookie dough (though I assume you could bake it?), they were so creamy and light!

Cookies & Cream, and Lamington at Doughlord

Tea Master Vegetarian Cafe - Shop8/115 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley - (07) 3257 0038

Alpine Gelateria - 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley - (07) 3252 1006

DoughLord - 364 Brunswick street - Fortitude Valley - Brisbane

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim and Sahara

Sahara trying to subtly get herself closer to Dim Sim's food bowl... while Dim Sim is eating.


  1. The dumplings look so good, and the tofu with gravy looks absolutely perfect!

    1. I still think about that tofu and gravy, which is the mark of a great dish!

  2. The tofu and gravy looks really good. Bummer about the different interpretations of the same dish.

    1. I know! I was so excited about three cups, but blergh. At least I made up for it on the subsequent visit.

  3. Urrh, unexpected chilli is the worst. I have to avoid it too and it is so annoying when it turns up on something when there was no mention of it on the menu!

    1. Normally I am careful about asking if I have a suspicion, but I have never had a three cups sauce with it before. Stealth chili ruins dinners! And stomachs!

  4. OMG what is this DoughLord?! I NEED DIS.