Sunday, 3 June 2018

Eating Out: EatMii

One of West End's many offerings, EatMii is a Vietnamese and brunch cafe that has several vegan options. While they do offer some more 'traditional Australian' breakfast options, all I ever see people order here is the Vietnamese food, with good reason. It is delicious. They have several vegan options on the menu, and I have tried all but one. For research, of course. The one I didn't try is a spicy noodle dish, so I must leave that research to someone braver.

If you need a refreshing beverage, you can get a coconut in the shell. I always forget how awkward I am with these. But they are fun every now and then.

Coconut juice at Eat Mii

Of course, pho is one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Vietnamese food. Their vegan version is a steaming hot bowl of fragrant broth, full of tofu, mushrooms, herbs, and vegetables.

Vegan Pho at Eat Mii

The also offer a Tofu Banh Mi, which can be made vegan. They don't replace the pate or mayo with anything, so it isn't quite as fun as it could be, but it is still a very satisfying sandwich.

Tofu Bahn Mi at Eat Mii

Rice paper rolls are a refreshing snack or starter. Their vegan ones are filled with tofu and crunchy vegetables. I got mine with the hoisin and peanut sauce, because why would you not choose that.

Tofu Rolls with Hoisin Peanut Sauce at Eat Mii

But my pick of the bunch is the Vegan Tofu Bun. A delicious vermicelli salad with crunchy noodles and tofu. And the tofu is to die for. It is so delicious, I wish I could just order a bowl of that tofu alone. Now that I have been through all the non-spicy vegan menu options, this is what I will be ordering at any future visits. So good!

Vegan Tofu Bun at Eat Mii

EatMii - 181A Boundary Street, West End - (07) 3846 3161

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Sitting on clothes was always Sahara's thing. But the other day I came up to find that Dim Sim had unexpectedly taken a liking to these black pants. In fact, the light was off when I came looking for her and I couldn't see her until I turned it on! Camouflage kitty. At least her fur will match the pants, Sahara left red fur all over things, and Gizmo was tabby, so you could always see where they had been sitting!


  1. The rice paper rolls sound great with the sauce, and the Vegan Tofu Bun looks amazing!
    Dim Sim looks disappointed that you weren't fooled by her camouflage, haha!

    1. If only I hadn't turned the light on, she would have succeeded in her hiding technique. ;)

  2. I love Vietnamese food. It's never too heavy but always flavorful. Bummer about the bahn mi not having at least vegan mayo. I feel like you need that!

    1. It definitely misses something without it.

      Vietnamese is definitely one of my favourite types of food.

  3. I agree with Jennifer, I love Vietnamese food! The spring rolls in particular look great! I struggle with making my own and they are one of my favorites!! I also agree with Jennifer about the lack of vegan mayo on the bahn mi, it definitely needs that!
    Cute Dim Sim!!

    1. I make rice paper rolls sometimes, though I can never roll them quite so neat and pretty! Mine end up looking pretty messy.