Friday, 22 June 2018

Eating Out: Grown

At the end of last year (yes, I am behind), I went to dinner at Grown with a bunch of Brisbane vegan Instagrammers, at the invitation of my friend Tracee. Grown is a charming vegan cafe, that at the time had only recently started offering a dinner service. Six months on and their dinner service is still going strong, as well as their morning opening hours.

Tracee and I decided to share a few things, so that we could maximise out eating options. We started with a couple of small plates - The Olive, Sauerkraut, and Sesame Cheese, as well as the Baba Ganoush. Both came with slices of delicious house-made bread.

Olives, sauerkraut, sesame cheese at Grown

Baba ganoush and sourdough at Grown

For larger plates, we shared the Roasted Cauliflower with Lentil & Cerveza Soup and Cripsy Buckwheat, and the Smokey Mash with Tempeh and Herb Sauce. I had no idea what cerveza was until I googled it, it means beer. They were both delicious, but the cauliflower was the stand out.

Roasted cauliflower, lentil & cerveza soup, crispy buckwheat at Grown

Smoky mash, tempeh, herb sauce at Grown

For dessert, I had the Baked Pink Lady Apple with Granola and Vanilla Ice Cream. Their housemade ice cream is coconut, but they have some good old So Good Vanilla as well, so they subbed that in for me to make sure I didn't have any coconut fat issues. This dessert may look and sound simple, but it was delicious. Like a perfect apple crumble.

Baked pink lady apple, granola, vanilla ice cream at Grown

It was a really lovely dinner, and I am looking forward to visiting again for both brunch and dinner. The menu in the cafe has changed since I was there, though they have not update their website or Facebook page with the current menu. But I'd love to see what they do in winter! They are also very good with gluten free people. One of our party was a coeliac, and they new exactly what was GF, what might have cross-contamination, and any subs that could be made. Overall, highly recommend!

Grown - Shop G3, 21 Buchanan Street, West End, Brisbane - 30367213

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


Our adoption kitty Penny sleepsies and shows her feetsies!


  1. What a gorgeous meal! Looks so beautiful and delicious.
    I wish I could adopt Penny!!

    1. It is such a lovely cafe. I really hope to get back to it.
      Penny is very adorable!

  2. These meals look incredibly tasty! I went to an all vegan restaurant a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed the entree and desert that I had surprisingly. Now it is one of my favorite restaurants to eat, thanks for the share! Have a nice rest of your week.
    World of Animals

    1. I am glad you enjoyed your meal! There are so many great places around.