Thursday, 14 June 2018

Eating Out: Mt Gravatt Marketta

For the most part it doesn't take me too long to get around Brisbane, but there is something nice about options closer to home. The Mt Gravatt Marketta is a weekly food market that is not too far from where I live, and has quite a few vegan options. I have only been once, and it was at the end of last year (I am so far behind in my posts, but catching up!), so the options may well have changed since then. In fact, I know they have because my mum sends me every vegan mention that the post about! I think it does vary from week to week, but you will definitely find something. Here is what I found!

Starting with this Vegan Tostada from Viva la Tostada. It is the vegetarian tostada minus the dairy, but of course the price is the same. Black beans and crunchy veggies and avocado, it was nice, though a little dry.

Vegan Tostada from Viva la Tostada at Mt Gravatt Marketta

I can't remember the name of this stall, but it had lots of bubble teas! I had a Peach Iced Tea with Pearls and Lychee jelly, and it was yum!

Peach Iced Tea with Pearls and Lychee Jelly at Mt Gravatt Marketta

I was super excited to try London Spuds, a baked potato stall. The potatoes themselves were baked in a special potato baker thing... I am sure it has an actual name. But the toppings left a little to be desired. I combined the toppings of two of the vegetarian ones (named Dr Who and David Beckham), minus the butter, cheese, and sour cream. Mine had baked beans, slaw, and mushrooms. My enthusiasm was a little dampened when I saw them tip a can of cold Heinz baked beans on to it, and topped it with some ready made slaw mix from Coles (which is always dry). Oh well, it was fine and the potato was good, but they need to do better for their vegan options... and maybe ingredient quality in general

Baked potato with Baked beans, slaw, mushrooms (Dr Who vs David Beckham) from London Spuds at Mt Gravatt Marketta

Could I be more vegan getting a falafel plate? But this one from Yossi's Falafel was excellent. The falafels were perfect texture and flavour, with some pita bread, pickled vegetables (I love pickles!), and super creamy hummus. Yum!

Falefel Plate from Yossi's Falafels at Mt Gravatt Marketta

Confession - I have never had churros. Well, except for the fancy ones from Terre a Terre in Brighton, but they are really in a category of their own. Barcelona Churros had vegan churros, though no vegan dipping sauce. They don't have any sort of small serve, so I did my best to get through this giant cone. I couldn't finish. Initially they were delicious, hot, crunchy, cinnamon sugary. But they cooled quickly and were not as good, and I was getting full. I needed someone to share with!

Churros from Barcelona Churros at Mt Gravatt Marketta

But not too full for ice cream! Heavenya was a small gelato stall, with two vegan flavours with the rest of their offerings. I picked the pineapple sorbetto over the coconut based chocolate, and it was refreshing and creamy and delicious. A perfect end.

Pineapple Sorbetto from Heven-yah at Mt Gravatt Marketta

Some other options I saw included a vegan burger, and a vegan Laksa. I had messaged a number of stalls before going to confirm vegan options, but it seems like these days there is always something. As I mentioned, this visit was several months ago, so attending stalls or menu items may have changed. But if you are looking for something fun to do on a Saturday evening on the south side of Brisbane, this is probably worth a visit.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

It is winter here, so the sun is much slower to come up. Dim Sim takes this as a personal affront, but is pretty good at seeking it out where she can. She is perched on the back of a sofa here, and you can just see the sunlight on her fur.

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  1. The falafel plate looks great! What a great photo of Dim Sim, such a cutie!