Thursday, 25 January 2018

Eating Out: Brisbane Vegan Markets October 2017

Another month, another two Brisbane Vegan Markets! October saw me attending both the morning and twilight markets.

The jacaranda trees were blossoming beautifully the day of the morning markets.

Jacaranda Tree

The days were starting to get hot, so I refreshed myself with a passionfruit juice from Pepper Pot Curries. I have heard that a lot of the food here is pretty spicy, so I have never eaten here. But I loved this drink.

Passionfruit Juice from Pepper Pot Curry at Brisbane Vegan Markets

One of the most exciting new stalls at the markets in October was Raijin, a Japanese stall that created an all vegan menu for the vegan markets. I ordered the Dry Ramen, which was delicious and savoury with some fabulous coated tofu on top. We also shared some gyoza. The good news is that Raijin now seems to offer there vegan menu at the regular weekly Boundary St Markets as well!

Dry Ramen from Raijin at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Gyiza from Raijin Japanes at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Tracee and Jamie shared some fish and chips from Happy Fish, a vegan fish and chips stall. Vegan fish and chips is not appealing to me at all, but they said it was good and lots of people love it, so if you are into that sort of thing it sounds like you will be pleased!

Fish and Chips from Happy Fish at Brisbane Vegan Markets

And, of course, I Should Coco to finish off. Their special for the month was The Big Yes, as marriage equality was trying to get passed in Australia (it finally did, hurrah!). The Big Yes was a giant sized ice cream with strawberry sauce, rainbow sprinkles, rainbow popcorn and rainbow lollies. Popcorn and lollies are not my thing, so I had a regular cone with strawberry sauce and sprinkles in the spirit.

Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce and Spinrkles from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Markets

For the twilight markets, we again met up when they opened at 12pm for lunch. I started off with a Bliss Me drink fro a weird drink shop, I cannot remember the name. It was kava, passionflower, cinnamon, avena sativa (aka oats), fresh mint, orange blossom, and turmeric iced tea. It was kombucha based, so was slightly fizzy. It had a bit of a bitter taste, but was OK. Super weird and hippy!

Bliss Me from weird drink shop at Brisbane Vegan Markets

There was a new pizza kid on the block in the form of Pachamama Pizza, and I was excited! I decided on the Sol Shine (organic pineapple, organic corn, organic red onion, cashew cream cheese, vegan parmesan, organic tomato base, leave off the capsicum for me), which was nice. I love pineapple on pizza! Jamie tried the Goodness (organic sweet Potato, organic red onion, organic kale dipped in olive oil, toasted cashew cream cheese, rosemary, chilli, drizzled with fresh cashew cream cheese and organic tomato base). The only thing with these pizzas is that the bases are HEAVY, I think they are spelt? So while the pizzas are quite small, they fill you up fast. So bear that in mind if you are wanting to eat a lot of other things.

Sol Shine from Pachamama Pizza at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Goodness from Pachamama Pizza at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Of course, no visit is complete without a stop by Green Street Foods (the only reason there is nothing from them for the October morning markets is because they had another engagement that day and were not there). Tracee decided to do a side by side comparison of the original mac and cheese and the truffle mac and cheese, and I tried the black bean nachos. The nachos have a bit of spice to them, but I was able to manage.

Mac and Cheese from Green Street Food at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Black Bean Nachos at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Jamie also had a hot dog from the Farm Animal Rescue stall.

Hot Dog from FAR at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Then it was I Should Coco time. Tracee got the Chocolate Timmy (vegan tim tams and chocolate sauce), and I got the Cookie Wookie (with chocolate sauce instead of caramel, and choc chip cookie dough). Yes, I got it in a cone. The day before I had burned the bejeezus out of my mouth, and after carefully munching my way through the nachos (delicious, though painful with those hard corn chips), I decided to skip the crunchy cone. Just this time.

Cookie Wookie and Chocolate Timmy from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Markets

For some take home treats, I of course got my Strawberry Flan from Flour of Life, but I also tried something new from Bliss & Co, which is a raw food dessert place. Normally I avoid raw desserts due to the coconut oil, and because I find baked desserts are just so much better. But they had these peanut butter cups that were coconut oil free, so I gave it a try. It was delicious! Not to sweet, super peanut buttery. Excellent.

Peanut Butter Cup from Bliss & Co, and Strawberry Flan from Flour of Life at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

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More Dim Sim toes!!


  1. Pretty tree! I love the idea of the rainbow-themed ice cream for marriage equality! And I would definitely go for the mac & cheese and nachos, yum! Cute Dim Sim toesies!

    1. I love the jacaranda season here, they are so beautiful.

  2. Everything looks so yummy. Was there a taste difference with the two mac and cheeses? I wonder what the "fish" in the fish and chips are (tofu?)

    1. Tracee said there wasn't too much difference in taste between them. I think the fish is some sort of seaweed wrapped soy protein.

  3. OMG! This is too much, I miss Australia although I am very glad I'm not dealing with the heat right now! I would have definitely ordered the mac and cheese, the fish 'n chips, and that ice cream cone. Yum! The FAR dog brought back memories too - I ate so many whilst I was volunteering!!

    1. The heat is definitely not fun, be glad you are not out working on the property at the moment. So melty.