Thursday, 11 January 2018

Cruelty Free Shop January 2018 Vegan Mystery Box

The start of the month means a new CFS Vegan Mystery Box delivery. This is the second box of my current six month subscription. Let's see what is inside!

Jan 2018 Vegan Mystery Box

  • Nature's Charm Chocolate Fudge Sauce: So, this is coconut based. Isn't everything these days? But it is coconut milk with other things, and the fat percentage isn't that high, so I am going to at least try it in hope that I can enjoy it. If not, a friend is getting a treat!
  • Wheaty Chorizo Spacebar: I love these little packaged sausages, they are so great for a snack, or fun to slice and add into or on top of things. I feel like I've had this before, though can't remember how spicy it is.
  • Blue Dinosaur Passionfruit Super Bite: Was curious to try this as I think passionfruit is a fun flavour, though coconut oil is the last ingredient, so will approach with caution.
  • The Chocolate Yogi Whyte Chocolate Oscar: Good new, The Chocolate Yogi is on the FEO list. But white chocolate is one of the most pointless abominations to exist. Still, I have a recipe I want to try that involves some melted white chocolate (along with a lot of other things), so this little guy is headed for that.
  • Bonsoy Silken Firm Tofu: I was super excited to get this! I often buy it to use in recipes that need silken tofu for making puddings, fillings, casseroles, sauces etc. And this is the right size for most of the recipes in my US cookbooks. Hurrah!
  • Go Organic Fruit Chews: I'm not the biggest lolly fan, but these sound like they will be fun. Sour apple is one of the flavours, as well as lemon, raspberry and strawberry. Apparently like starburst.
  • Pico Caramelised Almond Chocolate: This sounds interesting, with crunchy bits of caramelised almond throughout. Unfortunately, this brand is on the 'cannot recommend as they did not respond' FEP list, so it is uncertain where their chocolate comes from.
  • Cobs Sea Salt Popcorn: Generally speaking, I am not a popcorn fan, it gets stuck in your teeth and scratches your throat. Why? I made exceptions for some of the sweet and salty flavours. But I feel this is fated to be added to a party mix type recipe I have been looking at trying.
  • Chef's Choice Pad Thai Sauce: The last ingredient is chilli, so I will approach with caution given my fragile ability to deal with spicy food. Normally if I am making pad thai I am making my own sauce for a recipe, but this will be good to add some varieties to my quick lunch stir fries! The box also included a recipe for making pad thai with this sauce and the bonsoy tofu (but I would never use this tofu in pad thai, the silken texture is wrong).

Is it strange that the thing that I am happiest about is the tofu? Hee hee. Still, some fun things to try.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


If you remember Aggie (the black kitten) from my last post, this is her brother. His name is Dwayne. Dwayne is a ridiculously sweet, floppy, big baby boy, who loves tummy rubs and is hilarious. He was adopted a couple of weeks ago, and while we miss his fun antics, we are so happy that he has found a forever family who loves him so much!


  1. Looks like a great box filled with yummy things. The fruit chews look very fun!
    I wish we lived closer as I would take the popcorn off your hands ;) And anything else that wasn't to your fancy. I should probably find my own fun box to order.

    1. The box is so much fun, I look forward to it every month. I think you'd enjoy getting a US one! In exciting news, I tried some of the chocolate fudge sauce and it is not too coconutty for me... though it is really a bit too sweet. Hah. I don't think of myself as fussy, but I guess I kind of am. ;)