Friday, 19 January 2018

Eating Out: Brisbane Vegan Markets September 2017

September came around, and once again I made a visit to both of the Brisbane Vegan Markets. First up, the morning markets (on the 2nd Sunday of the month). I love corn on the cob, so was excited to try Corn Star, which had a range of fun flavoured cobs. I can't quite remember what this was called, but pretty sure it had some sort of ranch coating, with herbs and sunflower seeds. Normally getting corn on the cob at an event means getting them to leave the butter off, and just salt and pepper. I like that too, but super nice to get a fun coating!

Ranch Cob from Porn Star at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Of course I can't not get something from my favourite Green Street Foods, and this day I tried their Gyros. It is completely gluten free, they made the 'lamb' and the wrap themselves, and it was outstanding. They work magic!

Gyros from Green Street Foods at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I tried the Pork Specia Rice (vegan pork, rice, vegetables) with some lemonade from the Malaysian Nonya House stall. The pork was tasty, though so fatty! I forgot that sometimes they put weird fatty gel layers in some mock meats. A bit greasy for me overall.

Pork Belly Special and Lemonade from Nonya Malaysian House at Brisbane Vegan Markets

And of course, my favourite Berry Merry from I Should Coco to finish it off.

Berry Merry from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I say finish it off, but obviously I mean except for the treats I took home for myself for later! A strawberry flan from Flour of Life, a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake from Koko Cakes, and a Turmeric Almond Milk from Genki Milk Co. Genki Milk Co is a local business that makes the most amazing almond milks! Normally I am not an almond milk fan, they taste like watery sawdust to me, but they make theirs so wonderful and creamy. It is the best!

Fruit Flan from Flour of Life; Peanut Butter Cup from Bliss & Co; Golden Milk from Genki Milk Co at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I was back again for the Twilight markets (4th Sunday of the month), but for the first time I went in the actual evening. It was the weekend of Brisbane OzComicCon, so I headed down to the markets for dinner afterwards. I was going to meet up with my friend Ashleigh, but she was running a bit late, so I started off with some snacks. A Street Taco from Green Street Foods (sadly these are currently off their menu), and a steamed BBQ bun from September 18.

Street Taco from Green Street Foods and Steamed BBQ Bun from September 18 at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

I was feeling like something a bit more substantial, so I decided to try a burger from Gatherer's. I can't remember the exact specifics, but I know the patty had chickpeas and peanut butter in it. The patty was good, though the rest of the burger was a bit subpar. Crappy roll, single slice of hard biocheese, and I think some aioli that wasn't strong enough. It was meant to come with fries, but they had run out by that time.

Burger from Gatherers at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

This time I picked the Super Dooper from I Should Coco, which was a granola and nut mix with fresh fruit and maple syrup.

Super Dooper from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

Because it was almost the end of the night, the lovely person at the Flour of Life stall gave me two of my beloved strawberry flans for the price of one! I also grabbed a Matcha Almond Milk from Genki Milk Co, which was another winner.

Strawberry Flans from Flour of Life and Matcha Almond Milk from Genki Milk Co at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Cute cat

This hilarious cutie pie was in boarding a couple of weeks ago.


  1. The patty with chickpeas and peanut butter sounds really good; too bad the rest of the burger wasn't so great. Nice score on the flans!

    1. I was very pleased to get double the flan!

  2. Chickpeas and peanut butter soun like a great combo for a burger.
    That corn on the cob also looks amazing. I've never ha one of those corn on the cobs with all the vegan fixings but I really want to try one sometime!
    And I always love looking at all your ice cream cones!
    OMG that kitty!!! I love his little grey dot on the chin!!!

    1. I live for those cones!
      That kitty is such a silly little boy.

  3. That chickpea-pb burger sounds like the awesome one from Vegan Richa-
    Totally recommend making this- and you can make the fixings of top quality.

    I am wondering if most almond milks aren't sweet enough? I make unsweetened milks at home and they have a dry nature to them because of it? I never just drink them by themselves.

    I have mixed emotions about that corn on the cob! I just have no idea what that mix would taste like. I never heard of adding extra goodies like that! I really want to try it out.

    1. That burger looks great!
      They had so many weird and wonderful corn flavours! A lot of them seem to be a bit spicy, so I haven't tried others. Actually haven't tried any since this because my jaw and TMJs are wonky and eating this caused an all-mighty crack. :/

  4. I tend to find corn on the cob a bit of a disappointment, but that looks really good and I like the idea of making it better with different flavours.
    I want a gluten free gyro!!!
    I think my favourites are the things you took home though. YUM.
    Ah that little kitty face!

    1. There is so much great gluten free stuff at the markets, you would love it!!