Sunday, 14 January 2018

Eating Out: Brisbane Vegan Markets August 2017

Continuing to catch up on my many visits to the Brisbane Vegan Markets last year! In August, I went to both the regular morning markets (2nd Sunday of the month) and the twilight markets (4th Sunday of the month). Buckle up, there's a lot of food!

First up, the morning markets. I went on my own to these, and stocked up on a number of treats before managing to get a seat out of the sun. I tried a mushroom woodfired pizza from a pizza place that I cannot remember the name of, and it was nice, though a bit sparse with the mushrooms.

Mushroom Woodfired Pizza at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Unfortunately my next choice was not great. I ordered some 'poutine' fries from a stall, I say 'poutine' like that because as well as gravy it had sour cream and things on top. After I ordered, turns out that there wasn't even gravy. There were black beans, so not even remotely like a poutine. And it just was not good. It was so bland (I couldn't taste the cheese sauce or the sour cream at all), the fries were not cooked well. I ate as much as I could, because it was expensive, but I was bitter about it the whole time, thinking of other tasty treats I could be having.

Poutine from The Vegan Van at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Thankfully, I brought it back with dessert. The Black Forest Brownie from my favourite stall, Green Street Foods. It was so good. And yes, that is coconut whipped cream on the side, but they work it like magic and it is so light and doesn't make me sick!

Black Forest Brownie from Green Street Foods at Brisbane Vegan Markets

And I washed it all down with a delicious (though huge) strawberry cashew mylk from Nutsy.

Strawberry Cashew Milk from Nutsy at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Of course, no trip to the markets is complete without an I Should Coco ice cream. I got my favourite, the Cherry Merry.

Cherry Merry from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Two weeks later, I met up with my friend Amy for the Twilight Markets, though we got there when it opened at 12pm to avoid the crowds. We both enjoyed a forever favourite, a steamed BBQ bun from September 18.

Steamed BBQ Bun from September 18 at Brisbane Vegan Markets

We both visited Gatherers. Amy got the Arancini Balls with and iced tea. I got the sweet potato fries with guacamole. The fries were nice, though a bit oily by the end. Unfortunately the guac, for which I paid extra, was not great as it was clearly made with subpar avocado.

Arancini Balls and Iced Tea from Gatherers at The Brisbane Vegan Markets

Sweet Potato Fries from Gatherers at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I also got another strawberry cashew mylk from Nutsy, but just a small one this time. Those big 500mL ones are very filling!

Strawberry Cashew Mylk from Nutsy at Brisbane Vegan Markets

And I needed space for the BBQ Mac and Cheese Burger from Green Street Foods.

BBQ Mac and Cheese Burger from Green Street Food at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I was pretty full, but you are never too full for ice cream. I tried the monthly special, The Bloob, from I Should Coco. It had blueberry sauce and fresh blueberries.

The Bloob from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Markets

All this eating was thirsty work, so I finished with a Passionfruit Lemonade from Get Vegan With Jadda for the walk back to my car.

Passionfruit Lemonade from Get Vegan with Jadda at Brisbane Vegan Markets

But it didn't end there. I picked up a strawberry flan and a raspberry danish from Flour of Life for afternoon snacks!

Strawberry Flan and Raspberry Danish from Flour of Life at Brisbane Vegan Markets

So. Much. Food.

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Today (the 14th of January) is six years since I had to say goodbye to Gizmo. I miss her a lot. I don't even know how so much time has passed.


  1. I want the BBQ mac and cheese burger, and I want all the ice cream! Especially the bloob! An also strawberry cashew milk sounds pretty dang amazing!
    I was just thinking on NYE how it ha been 2 yrs. since saying goodbye to Dylan. Time goes by way too fast.

    1. Way too fast. But always we remember them. <3

  2. Tbh, I think that gluten free mac and cheeze I had the other week made me sick. Lol, my body rejected gluten free food. I love these markets still though!

    1. I am looking forward to getting back to them a bit later in the year.

  3. I agree -- the mushroom pizza definitely looks like it could have used more mushrooms! I would love to try the BBQ mac & cheese burger, too!
    Sweet Gizmo; hugs to you <3

    1. I always want more mushrooms, I want all the mushrooms! Though they really were very sparse with this pizza.

  4. Stinks about the fries. It sounds like they just made the completely wrong thing? But it sounds like that wan't even good, so >: P to them

    That burger looks insane! I wish I could just have one bite! XD

    1. It was just all wrong and bad. Other people have said they really like the food there, so maybe they just had a bad day. Which still doesn't excuse them for calling something poutine that is so not!