Saturday, 9 September 2017

Eating Out: VeganYumm

Veganyumm is Brisbane's all-vegan bakery, and I have been there a few times, either eating in or getting things to go. Here are some of the other things I have had from there.

One of the very first times I ever went was after dinner with a friend for a little dessert. We both got melting moments - hers was GF, mine was gluten full. It was so lovely, the filling was tangy and not too sweet at all. I also had a turmeric latte, and my friend had a hot chocolate. They had a range of different melting moment flavours as well. I haven't seen these recently there, so either they don't make them any more or they are only an occasional thing.

Melting Moments, Hot Chocolate, Turmeric Latte at Veganyumm

I visited another time with some friends from out of town. One ordered the fancy Iced Chocolate and one of their amazing ANZAC cookies. I also ordered and ANZAC cookie, along with a Snickers Hot Chocolate. I was hoping it would be similar to the peanut butter hot chocolate I used to get from another cafe (that has sadly closed), but this one was very, very sweet. They also have a few savoury options, and I got to try a bit of this nice pumpkin pastry.

Iced Chocolate and an ANZAC from Veganyumm

Snickers Hot Chocolate and ANZAC from Veganyumm

Pumpkin Pie from Veganyumm

The last time I bought things from there, I got them to take back to work. I tried one of their sausage rolls, which was not too bad (I am very picky when it comes to sausage rolls), a lamington and a brownie. The lamington could have been a little fluffier on the inside, but it was pretty good. Unfortunately the brownie was dry and much smaller than they used to be.

2017-05-04 12.32.12

Which kind of brings me to my final thoughts on Veganyumm. They seemed to start out strong, but as they have gone on I feel I have noticed a decrease in the quality of some of the food. And for the prices you pay there, you want it to be amazing. Also, they changed the formula of my very favourite peanut butter chocolate chip bar, and turned it into an oily, stodgy monstrosity. I know other people who feel the same way. I suspect that they rely on icing as the focus for many of their products, and I of course am a weird icing hater, so that may contribute to my thoughts. However, it should also be noted that a lot of other people love the food there. I won't be going out of my way to eat from there again, but people should try it and make up your own mind. Here is a photo of their cabinets, it certainly looks pretty!


Veganyumm - 473 South Pine Rd, Everton Park, QLD - (07) 3355 6329

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

I couldn't quite finish making the bed this morning as Dim Sim plonked herself in front of my pillow while she was waiting for me to get dressed.


  1. I only tried a few things from Vegan Yumm and they definitely weren't my favourite baked goods ever but they weren't the worst. I remember enjoying the Lamington and a chocolate chip cookie and Nick loved the frosting covered cinnamon roll.

    1. I like the cookies! Though I haven't had any for a while, I hope they haven't changed them.

  2. Sounds like they have new people working in the back maybe? It can be a struggle for places to keep consistent when the turn around rate for restaurant employees can be high.

    What is a "melting moment"? Is it an Australian thing? Or exclusive to this place?

    Also I am not a big icing fan either. I mean I love it on a cake, but yuck... don't put so much on cupcakes people!

    1. When you cupcake is more icing than cake, I find that problematic. But then I know people who think that cupcakes are just a vehicle for as much icing as possible!

      Melting Moments are an Australian biscuit... how to best describe... kind of like a very delicate shortbread biscuit that uses custard powder... with a cream filling... often passionfruit but you can make almost any combination you like. I am describing them terribly!

    2. I need to find a recipe and try it out.

  3. Ah, sad to hear the the quality seems to be declining! I really enjoyed my one visit there, last December.