Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Eating Out: Brisbane Vegan Markets (March and April)

The Brisbane Vegan Markets debuted in November last year, and have quickly become a regular event. I blogged about attending the first one, but it was a couple of months before I went back again. That first one I went to was on a very,very hot day, and it was so crowded with very little seating on shade. But I am happy to report that they have addressed those issues that they can, and now that it is a regular event the crowds are a little easier (though I still always get there early before they build). The weather they can't control, which I think is why I missed the next few during the particularly oppressive summer months. I've been back now many times (it's become a regular event for me in the last couple of months), but today I will share with you my eats for March and April (I know, I am way behind).

In March I discovered that the nice thing about the morning markets is that I can do a yoga class, have a quick shower at the studio, then it is just a short drive down to West End! Unfortunately for the March markets, the night before I had eaten had a huge, greasy meal that wasn't so great and sat heavily in my stomach even the next morning, so I was not able to manage much. Thankfully they had some light options for me. I picked up a refreshing Green Tea Soba Salad from the September 18 stall, and a passionfruit lemonade from the Get Vegan with Jadda stall.

Soba Salad from September 18 and Passionfruit Lemonade from Vegan With Jadda at Brisbane Vegan Markets

This was also the only time in history that I did not get an I Should Coco Ice Cream... I just needed something a bit less indulgent. My poor tummy! I was going to skip dessert all together, but they did have these ice cream sandwiches from a place called Nice Slice, though I haven't seen them there since. I got the strawberry vanilla. While it did have a bit of coconut cream in it, it was mostly cashew based so didn't make me feel gross. And it was nice and not too sweet.

Strawberry Vanilla from Nice Slice at Brisbane Vegan Markets

The April markets came around and I still wasn't all that hungry... don't worry, in future markets I will make up for it! I was craving something with veggies, and they had a nice Ethiopian stall called Mother Africa (I think) that had a selection of non-spicy stews served on a 'sour bread pancake', so injera. The stews were pumpkin and coconut, lentils, and vegetables. It was really nice, though I haven't seen them there lately. Which is a shame.

Mixed Plate with Sour Pancake from Mother Africa at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Here's a bonus shot of my friend's bag of fried stuff from September 18 - some of their chicken drumsticks, and something else on a stick.

Chicken Drumsticks and other fried thing from September 18 at Brisbane Vegan Markets

With my veggies and lentil urge sated, I was definitely in the mood to hit up I Should Coco for some ice cream! I got the Mallow Out, which was their special for that month, with chocolate syrup, mini marshmallows and ground hazelnuts. Due to a tragic mouth burning incident on some too hot soup the day before, the thought of a hard and crunchy cone seemed perilous, so I had to make do with a cup. Still good.

Mallow Out (Chocolate Syrup, marshmallows, ground hazelnuts) from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Flour of Life, my favourite vegan bakery, also had a stall. I got my very favourite strawberry custard flan. These are LIFE!

Strawberry Flan from Flour Of Life at Brisbane Vegan Markets

As mentioned, I've been several more times, and I will share those adventures in a later post. We get into some serious eating, so be prepared!

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  1. That strawberry custard flan looks amazing!
    I love Ethiopian food and I haven't had in so long!!
    I love the picture of DimSim!!

    1. I think this is one of the only times I've ever had Ethiopian food! It was very nice.There is a restaurant here in Brisbane that is meant to be very good and I must try it sometime.

  2. The Mallow Out looks amazing, I totally would have ordered that too. I wish I coulda made it to one of these markets!

    1. They are such fun. Maybe one day? I Should Coco is definitely worth crossing the world for!

  3. So sad- first an upset tummy then a burnt mouth T_T Everything does look really good. The sundae looks awesome. been so long since I've had one.