Thursday, 28 September 2017

Eating Out: July Brisbane Vegan Markets

Do you know what is more amazing than Brisbane having a monthly vegan market? Brisbane having TWO monthly vegan markets. In July, Brisbane Vegan Markets debuted a second, twilight market. Of course it did ridiculously well, so now we get the morning markets on the second Sunday of the month, and the afternoon markets on the fourth Sunday of the month. Pretty amazing, right? Since July, I have been to every single market!

First up, the regular morning market. I headed in straight after a bikram yoga class, so this pretty and refreshing drink was very lovely. I can never remember the name of the stall, but it is some sort of pea flower tea and mine was peach flavoured.

Pretty Drink at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I also got to try my first and only Vurger... They only did the markets for one month! We are all sad they are gone (though they are now doing a weekly pop up event, hurrah!). This burger was SO GOOD. Like the most amazing cheeseburger. The patty and bun and sauce were all made from scratch. I want it back!

Vurger at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I also tried some sweet potato gnocchi from Gatherers. This was nice, but I wish it was a bit less oily. It has mushroom and sage in it as well.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi from Gatherer's at Brisbane Vegan Markets

And of course, we had to get ice cream from I Should Coco. My friend got the Cookie Wookie (warm choc chip cookie dough and caramel sauce), and I had the PB&J (with amazing, salty, smooth peanut butter).

Cookie Wookie and PB&J Sundaes from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I also picked up a beautiful Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes from Cloverly Cupcakes. Katie started Cloverly a few years ago, and she really brought vegan baked goods to the mainstream in Brisbane. While I am not the biggest cupcake fan (you know my frosting issues), this was Katie's last stall ever, so I couldn't pass up one last chance. This chocolate cherry cupcake was lovely, and happy to report that the frosting was not too sweet at all.

Chocolate Cherry Cloverly Cupcakes at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I also attended the first ever Twilight markets, though I got there when they opened at 12pm to avoid the crowds. For my beverage, I picked up a yummy strawberry cashew milk from Nutsy. So good! They also give you a fifty cents back if you bring back your bottle, and then they are able to sterilise and reuse them. Perfect!

Strawberry Cashew Mylk from Nutsy at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

I picked up a couple of things from one of my favourite stalls, Green Street Foods. First up, their Mexican Street Corn Taco, which is a lovely mix of avocado, jackfruit, roasted corn and pickled onions. They also had a BBQ Mac and Cheese Burger, with BBQ jacfruit, so of course I had to get that as well! I was so yummy! The only thing is that they are all GF, so the GF bun was not quite as good as a gluteny one would have been, but everything still tasted great.

Mexican Street Corn Taco from Green Street Foods at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

BBQ Mac and Cheese Burger from Green Street Foods at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

My friend got some dumplings from the Tibetan Momo Cafe stall, and I snacked on a couple.

Momos from the Momo Place at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

And of course, I ended with a cone from I Should Coco. This time I got my favourite off the regular menu, the Cherry Merry (cherries, chocolate, coconut).

Cherry Merry Cone from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

I also snaffled a couple of cheesecakes to take home from Koko Cakes. They are cashew based and baked, though do have a bit of coconut oil in them, so I shared them. The Vanilla Berry was nice, but my favourite was the Chocolate, Pistachio, & Pear one.

Vanilla Berry and Chocolate Pistachio Pear Cheesecakes from Koko Cakes at Brisbane Vegan Twilight Markets

Tomorrow I am heading off to Sydney of OzComicCon (there will be some future post on Brisbane and Sydney OCC eats), and when I get back it will be October. And October means VeganMoFo time! I will be participating following the monthly prompts. I have some posts ready to go out for while I am in Sydney, and I have been doing a lot of planning for it over the past couple of months. Can't wait to see what everyone is doing for it!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim SIm in bed

Sometimes Dim Sim just tucks herself into bed beside me if I am reading.


  1. So much goodness here!! Especially that mac & cheese burger. OMG. And that ice cream. I'd be all over that.

  2. That drink is so pretty! :D And the Vurger burger looks incredibly tasty! Dim Sim is too cute!

  3. Argh, it all looks so great! So sad I failed to hit this market last time I was in Brissie.

  4. Everything looks so good. The drink from the top looks like it is one of those trendy galaxy themed foods. It looks like a photo of space.