Friday, 8 September 2017

Eating Out: Khot Thai

I've mentioned before how much I love Khot Thai. It is an exceptional Thai restaurant that has loads of vegan options and is a two minute walk from work... what is there not to love? While I have continued enjoying takeaway lunch specials, I have also eaten there a couple of times, and also had some epic takeaway as well!

The first time I actually ate there I met my friend Melanie for dinner. We started with the Vegan O-Cha Rolls, which are rice paper rolls filled with salad and marinated mushrooms. They are quite pleasant, though not very filling. That's OK though, because we also had some fried tofu chunks in a delicious peanut sauce as well. For our mains, we went with noodles all round. Melanie got the Pad Thai, and I of course had the Pad See Ew.

Vegan O-Cha Rolls at Khot Thai

Fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce at Khot Thai

Pad Thai at Khot Thai

Pad See Ew at Khot Thai

Another time my friend Ashleigh and I ordered an epic takeaway feast for the two of us! Ashleigh needed gluten free as well as vegan at the time, and we were able to order all of this in gleegan style! We started off with some curry puff and spring rolls, which were good, though the spring rolls were a bit odd and had been cut up... strange. I am assuming it was due something to do with the gluten free pastry? We also got the praram (satay sauce) with tofu, which was good... though we had so much food that really we didn't need the fried-style tofu here (which came in a separate container). I would have preferred it with just veggies or regular style tofu. Ashleigh loves yellow curry, which they claim is the mildest curry but which was still a but spicy for me. Thankfully we had some coconut rice to soak up all the sauces. And, of course, we got some Pad See Ew.

Vegan Samosas and Spring Rolls from Khot Thai

Tofu Praram and Coconut Rice from Khot Thai

Yellow Curry and Pad See Ew from Khot Thai

Much food from Khot Thai

My last visit there was a little while ago. A friend from Sydney was visiting and was organising a group meet up, and I suggested Khot Thai as they cater to all sorts of dietary requirements. Also, it was on night I was working, so I was able to speed walk up the road as soon as work finished to meet them for dinner. Practical! This time I decided to try the regular, gluten-full vegan spring rolls. They were tasty, though I need to remember that I only really like eating one or two spring rolls before I start feeling a little greasy. For my main I ordered... can you guess... oh the suspense... Pad See Ew. It's my favourite!

Vegan Spring Rolls at Khot Thai

Vegan Pad See Ew at Khot Thai

Dinner came to an end and people were ordering dessert, and I just assumed there wound't be anything for me. That is until I overheard something about vegan ice cream. WHAT!?!?! They have vegan vanilla soy ice cream, and a few desserts can be made vegan. I got the Banana Roti with Vegan Ice Cream and strawberry sauce (hold the whipped cream).

Banana Roti with Vegan Ice Cream at Khot Thai

Yay! Anyway, I am sure I will continue loving Khot Thai forever. A new completely vegan Thai place has opened up in Clayfield (more on that in a future post!), but Khot Thai still has my heart. Also it has that unbeatable advantage of being two minutes from work.

Khot Thai - 257 Given Tce, Paddington, QLD - 3505 0360

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  1. Everything looks great, especially all the Pad See Ew, haha! What a nice surprise being able to get a vegan dessert, too! :)
    How has Aurora not been adopted yet?! She is way too cute!

    1. I was thrilled to get an unexpected dessert!
      I can never have enough pad see ew if I find a good one!

  2. *cries* this place looks amazing! I've become a big pad see ew fan recently, and your photos made me extra hungry lol

    1. I am so happy to have this place so close to me!