Monday, 18 April 2016

Package Swap with Kimmy from Rock My Vegan Socks

Over the last several months I have been lucky enough to become good blogging buddies with the wonderful Kimmy from Rock My Vegan Socks. We got to know each other better when we interviewed each other for one of last year's MoFo challenges. Our blog friendship started just months after the last VidaVeganCon, which sadly meant that even though we were both there in Austin, we didn't know each other yet! So we haven't actually met in person, but I am pretty sure that one day we will.

Kimmy and I just recently did a package swap with each other. This is super exciting for me, because the US has so many amazing things that we just can't get here! I also had a lot of fun putting together a box for Kimmy, shopping around for local products that I hoped Kimmy would not have seen before.

The international postal service was actually fairy swift, and we were both in possession of our boxes not too long after posting. Of course, mine arrived while I was away for the week. When I got home I was so excited to open it up. It was in a pink postal bag (pink is my favourite!), and reaching into the bag and pulling out goodie after goodie... it was like a magical santa sack!

Kimmy's Package Swap

As you can see, Kimmy sent me a big range of exciting things to try. Most of which I had never heard of before! I have kept them in the pink postal bag they came in, and every now and then I just dip in and see what I pull out to have a little snack on. So much fun.

New things I have already ripped into:

  • Living Intentions Gone Nuts Mequite Pod Maple Walnuts: I admit I am not a huge walnut fan, I often find them bitter. I am a huge maple fan, however. When I was younger in my pregan days I loved honey-roasted nuts, and I find maple nuts to be even better. So I was cautiously optimistic about these. Oh. My. Gosh. These are so incredible! The maple flavour is intense and there is absolutely no bitterness. I could eat the entire package in one sitting, but I am carefully portioning it out to maximise the number of times I can enjoy these.
  • Go Raw Carrot Cake Sprouted Cookies: I love carrot cake everything so I was looking forward to these. They are fun! Itty bitty crunchy cookies with a lovely carrot, coconut and sesame flavour. They are sweetened with dates, but they are happily not too sweet. I have enjoyed a handful of these with a cup of tea in the afternoons.
  • Barnana Chewy Banana Bites: I don't know why exactly, but I was super excited to try these. I was right to be. They are made from bananas and banana powder, and are yummy, chewy, creamy banana bites. Way better than any faux flavoured banana lolly.

Things I still have to try:

  • Alternate Baking Company Lucious Lemon Poppyseed Cookie: I definitely know ABC cookies - they are some of my favourite! I haven't had this flavour before, but I do love lemon and poppyseed in general, so I know it will be good.
  • Zouq Golden Lentils: Pretty psyched to try this savoury snack. I think they would be super great as a crunchy salad topper.
  • Turbana Plantain Chips: I can get plantains here, but I haven't had plantain chips before.
  • Righteously Raw Bite-Sized Chocolates Maca and Divine Mint flavours: I can see these being a handy afternoon chocolate snack. I am particularly interested in what the maca flavour will be like.
  • Tropical Blend Crunch Dried Fruit: Crunchy, fruity goodness sounds great to me. I think this will be great for a snack but also to put on top of my overnight oats or smoothie bowls.
  • Eat Pastry GF Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix: I have heard good things about Eat Pastry's mixes in the past, so I am keen to try one out.
  • The Good Bean Crispy Crunchy Chickpeas: More fun snacks and salad toppers.

Things I have tried before:

  • Go Max Go Jokerz Bar: My favourite of their range!
  • Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg Sachet: I actually was lucky enough to get a packet of vegan egg from another friend as well (it is not available in Australia), and I think it is going to be a super fun thing to play with, so I am happy to have a bit more to add to my stash.
  • Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup: Kimmy knows the way to my heart is with one of my favourite ever things in the world. *swoon*

A pretty exciting stash! She also sent a beautiful card.

I am so thankful to Kimmy for this wonderful package! Kimmy will also be posting what I sent her over on her blog. I will include the link here when she posts it, but better yet just go follow her blog (if you don't already!) and you can see when she puts it up as well as read all her other great posts.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim Loaf

Dim Sim has excellent loaf style.


  1. ooooh great stash! I'm hopefully getting my box swap package tomorrow, my US swap partner received hers and postage was impressively quick, though we both paid a small fortune! And I always love a good cat loaf! Now let's see if this comment will actually post.

    1. Oh yes, the postage was definitely a small fortune, but not as much as I was expecting. So that was nice.

  2. Oh, my gosh! What a fun package! Kimmy really outdid herself. I'd love to do a package swap with you sometime if you're interested!

  3. What a great package. Lots of things I've never heard of and apart from Jokerz I don't think I've seen any of them in the UK. Package swaps are brilliant. I do one with Adelaide blogger Sally from Off The Kitten Kind and she's sent me some fantastic stuff.

    1. Adelaide is my new obsession after I visited there a couple of weeks ago and had so much good food. I will have to look up this blog!

  4. Package swaps are the best! The only downside is that they give me a taste for things I can never get hold of again!

    1. This is why I a carefully rationing things out!

  5. Such a great package! Justin's PB cups are THE BEST and I am so desperate to try the FYH egg!

  6. What fun! :D ABC cookies are delicious; I have that lemon poppyseed one but haven't tried it yet.

    1. I am looking forward to it. I am saving it for a proper cookie need, rather than just a sweet craving in passing, because it is such a decent sized cookie!

  7. I am so very happy you enjoyed your package. I was hoping you would - I wanted to pick things I really thought you would enjoy. I didn't realize you aren't a huge walnut fan am psyched I won you over with the mesquite maple ones (my husband's favourite!). I'm sure by now you have tried many more things =) I am so glad I sent you some pb cups, I should have sent more. I LOVE them too =D
    So glad we did this exchange! It was so fun. And I think we will meet in real life one day too!

    1. The walnuts were amazing! Who knew walnuts could be so great?