Friday, 15 April 2016

Eating Out: Su Life

I know I said there would be another package-related post as my next one, but that is a little on-hold so that I can sync it up with another post. I also haven't sorted out my Perth and Adelaide photos yet, so in the meantime here is some more eating out I have done in Brisbane. This time back at Su Life. Sorry, no prices in this post. They don't have a menu online and I am not at home typing this so don't even have the takeaway menu on hand.

Mum and I went up to Su Life for dinner one night (we had tried to go to Pu Kwong but they were unexectedly closed when we got there). I will be upfront, this visit to Su Life was a bit of a disaster. They took our food to another table (who accepted it!), and we were waiting for ages until we actually got our food, and even then we never got out beloved dumplings. It was definitely an off night there. But here is what we ate.

Su Life does a vegan Taro Soy Milk Bubble Tea. The great Kuan Yin, now sadly closed, used to do this and I fell in love with it. It is like drinking cookies! This one wasn't as good as the Kuan Yin one, and they forgot to put the pearls in, but it was still fun.

Taro Soy Milk Tea from Su Life

I love ordering radish (or turnip or lobok or yam) wherever I go. This was the one entree (appetiser for my US friends) that did make it to us.

Fried Lobok Cake from Su Life

I ordered the Sizzling Tofu with Black Pepper Sauce. I used to get this back when Su Life was Huo Fo in the old location, and it was great. Unfortunately the sauce is now not what is was. It was OK, but not anywhere near as tasty as in the past.

Sizzling Tofu with Black Pepper Sauce from Su Life

Mum ordered Salt and Pepper Eggplant, after loving the S&P eggplant at Pu Kwong a few weeks before. Unfortunately this was not the same. The eggplant was cut like fries and then just deep-fried like that, so while it was OK for the first bit it went oily and mushy quickly.

Salt and Pepper Eggplant from Su Life

So I am afraid to say this visit was a bit of a miss. But I still love Su Life because I have a standard takeaway order that we get from there sometimes when I am too tired to cook. As it happens, the next night we got takeaway! So here is our standard order. Two serves of their delicious pan-fried dumplings, Spicy Crispy Chicken for Mum (and for me to snack on a bit as well), Three Cups Tofu in Ginger Herbal Sauce for me (I just love it... tofu and veggies and mushrooms and so much yummy sauce) and rice. My dad normally orders something different each time, and this time he got the Three Treasures Bendon box. The only thing if you want to takeaway is we have found it best to go there and order, if you order over the phone you will often end up with something different.

Spicy Crispy Chicken, Three Treasures Bendon, Rice, Pan-Fried Dumplings, Three Cups Tofu in Ginger Herb Sauce from Su Life

Su Life Vegetarian Restaurant - 4/2120 Logan Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD 4122 - (07) 3349 5995

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  1. No bubbles in the bubble tea?!!! WHAT? Unacceptable! I'd be pretty bummed about that. And I can't believe the people at the next table totally accepted the food that wasn't theirs. How rude! Sucks so much when a restaurant experience is kinda crappy. I'm sorry!!

    1. You would think if you were brought something you didn't order, you would mention it! Oh well.
      Bubble tea without bubbles is so strange.

  2. Aw that's a shame about your visit, but the sizzling tofu looks delicious!

    1. I love sizzling dishes, they are so much fun. :)

  3. "I know I said there would be another package-related post as my next one, but that is a little on-hold so that I can sync it up with another post."
    Thank you for indulging me and my OCD ;p
    Yikes... I'm surprised the other table didn't realize they were getting the wrong order.
    "they forgot to put the pearls in" That would have actually made me happy. I'm not a fan of those pearls.
    The Sizzling Tofu looks really good! The eggplant not as much :/ Your take out order looks good too. It's too bad it's so hit or miss with the place.

    1. It is a definite hit and miss place. Best bet is that if you find something you like, just stick with it. ;)

  4. I've been guilty about eating someone else food at a restaurant >.< It was because it was a dessert and I was so hungry and I dug in and was like "hmmm... I know this vegan but this doesn't taste like flan... oh well tastes good" luckily the staff was quick to notice and gave it to us for free (which was nice since the flan sucked)


    1. You get a pass. These people accepted it even after their actual order had been delivered to their table!

  5. Kimmy is awesome, isn't she!? Awesome box! Fun Goodies! A few years ago there were some of use who did a Traveling Vegan Box. I wonder if a small group of us would like to do that in the near future? I might put something on my blog about it and see what the interest would be!