Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Eating Out: Pu Kwong

If you are starting to think that I only ever eat out at Pu Kwong and Charlie's, you are sort of right. But can I help it that they are delicious and convenient to me? Thankfully, I can't. So I can eat there a lot! You'll see, because I have more posts from both of them.

After a crappy Saturday at work one day I didn't feel much like cooking when I got home, so we went out to Pu Kwong for dinner.

We shared the Spring Rolls ($5) to start. These were your basic spring roll, but were hot and fresh and nice dipped int he sweet red sauce.

Spring Rolls at Pu Kwong

My order was the Buddha's Special Hot Pot ($16.95). This was so yummy! Lots of different mushrooms and yuba with carrot, green vegetables and baby corn (I don't care what people say, I love baby corn). The sauce was super yummy as well.

Buddha Hot Pot at Pu Kwong

Mum picked the Salt and Pepper Eggplant (sorry, I can't find the price), which she loved. I have a limited tolerance for deep fried food, but I tried quite a few pieces and it was pretty nice! I would have maybe liked a bit more salt and pepper on it.

Salt and Pepper Eggplant at Pu Kwong

Dad had the Beef in Black Bean Sauce ($13.90). The sauce and the veggies were nice (except the capsicum, of course), though I wasn't a huge fan of their 'beef'. Certainly the lamyong beefy strips that they use at Loving Hut are much better. This didn't have anything particularly beefy in the tasty or texture, it was just mock meaty.

Beef and Black Bean at Pu Kwong

All around, another yum dinner! You can see my other Pu Kwong adventures here.

Pu Kwong Vegetarian Restaurant - 2796 Logan Road, Underwood, Queensland - 07 3841 8999

I am also pretty excited because tomorrow I am going to do the first cleanse of my entire life. Do you know what it is? Stay tuned for more!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Lily and Zac

Lily and Zac love each other, and we love them.


  1. I love spring rolls, those look great!
    Lily and Zac are so sweet! What a beautiful picture.

  2. Looks delicious! And such a cute picture of Lily and Zac! :D

  3. Ooh, that fried eggplant looks amazing!!

  4. Pu Kwong totally looks like my kinda place!

  5. You had me at spring rolls. I love them so much. This place sounds really good. I would have also Hot Pot - I love mushrooms so very much. It looks like it has loads of great veggies in it. Yum. What better way to make a crappy day better than by enjoying some good food?

    1. I think we would be happy dining companions at Pu Kwong, we seem to gravitate towards the same things on the menu!