Sunday, 10 January 2016

Eating Out: Charlie's Raw Squeeze Greenslopes

After my happy lunch from Charlie's in Everton Park, I had the opportunity to pay a visit to their Greenslopes store. Charlie's Raw Squeeze in Greenslopes has an indoor area with seating, as opposed to the takeaway only situation at the main fruit shop. I visited on a Friday at lunch time, and there was quite a long wait for my food to come out. I ended up needing to get some of it to go because I ran out of time to finish. Still, it was yummy.

I had been to bikram yoga earlier that morning, so I was feeling like something refreshing. I tried the Lean Green Cleansing Machine Juice ($7 for large), which had kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon and spinach. It was really nice. A little bit sweet but with a satisfying savoury undertone.

Lean Green Cleansing Machine Juice from Charlie's Raw Squeeze

I ordered a Strawberry Bliss Nice Cream (strawberries, banana and coconut water) with fresh berries ($12), and this towering creation was brought out before me. I didn't realise that it had a hard chocolate shell drizzled all over it, and also on the bottom of the bowl. Unfortunately I am pretty sure this contains coconut oil, but I was able to enjoy a little bit of it. Next time I would ask for none at the bottom and just a squeeze over the top. They didn't skimp on the fresh berries either - gorgeous fresh strawberries, rasberries and blackberries.

Strawberry Bliss Nice Cream with Berries from Charlie's Raw Squeeze

Tragically the only cinnamon buns they had this time had crazy toppings on, no plain ones. So I got a couple of christmas Cloverly Cupcakes (2 for $10 or $6 each) to take home. I got the trifle (vanilla cupcake stuffed with custard and jelly with a brandy buttercream) and Gingerbread. I was a bit sad about the trifle one, there was the tiniest bit of custard and jelly in it and the icing mostly tasted super sweet. But the gingerbread one was delicious! I love gingerbread. The icing on the trifle one got a bit smooshed on the way home.

Trifle and Gingerbread Cloverly Cupcakes

Despite the wait for my food, I was pretty happy again with the great food on offer. The salads in the case looked amazing as well.

Charlie's Raw Squeeze - 47 Old Cleveland Road, Greenslopes, Queensland

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sleepy princess

Sweet, sleepy Dim Sim.


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    1. Dim Sim does not return your hello. She is busy sleeping and ignoring everyone. ;)

  2. The juice looks good - very vibrant & refreshing. And holy crap the Bliss Nice Cream looks SO GOOD! I love the chocolate drizzle - they were very generous with it!
    And cupcakes! omnomnom
    Cute sleeping kitty =)

    1. I was surprised at the amount of chocolate drizzle... very generous!