Thursday, 4 September 2014

Vegan Mofo 2014 #4: Robin Robertson Rocks - Quick-Fix Vegetarian

One of my favourite cookbooks ever is Quick-Fix Vegan, which I found out was a sequel to Quick-Fix Vegetarian. Although saying Vegetarian in the title, the recipes in this original book are actually completely vegan. Once I found this out, I of course ordered a copy. I must admit I haven't made a lot from this book yet, but let me share what I have made!

Peanut Butter and Tomato Quesadillas may seem like an unusual combination, but this simple recipe is delicious and unusual. When you actually stop and thing about it, is there anything that peanut butter wouldn't go with? I am yet to try it with something and be disappointed. This is a great quick and easy snack.
Rating: :)

Peanut Butter and Tomato Quesadillas

Jasmine Rice Fantasy is a whimsical name for a quick dinner of jasmine rice, ginger, carrots, cashews, peas, coconut and delicious Thai basil. I found that I needed to add a little more water to the recipe than stated and cover it while cooking for the rice to cook through properly. I also added some Japanese-style flavoured tofu (purchased from the supermarket) to bulk it up a bit more.
Rating: :)

Jasmine Rice Fantasy

Quick Stove-Top Cassoulet is a fast version of one of my favourite casseroles. I love anything that includes sliced sausages! Not to mention white beans and vegetables. To give it that cassoulet crunch, breadcrumbs are toasted and sprinkled on top.
Rating: :)

Quick Stove-Top Cassoulet

Stir-Fried Tofu and Vegetable Teriyaki was the first thing I made from this book, I just can't say no to teriyaki! While you could use a bottled teriyaki sauce, this recipe provides a super quick way to whip up your own. I replaced capsicum with some red onion strips.
Rating: :)

Stir-Fried Tofu and Vegetable Teriyaki

Tempeh with Coconut Peanut Sauce is one of the best recipes from this book, the sauce is amazing! I served it over brown rice and with broccoli, and it was delicious. The only downside was that I found that it gave fairly smallish serves, but it is so amazing that I wanted to eat it all!
Rating: :D

Tempeh with Coconut Peanut Sauce

Spaghetti with Red Lentil Sauce is a tried and true pasta combination. The recipe calls for 1lb spaghetti, and normally I would halve this, but for some reason I didn't and I ended up with way too much pasta for the sauce. I like my pasta really saucy!
Rating: :)

Spaghetti with Red Lentil Sauce

Beat-The-Clock Spinach Lasagna is from the oven-baked section. While these may take longer than 30 minutes to bake, they are included in the book because they have a quick prep time. This is a pretty classic combination of spinach and crumbled, seasoned tofu. While it takes just over an hour for baking, prep-wise this came together so quickly. I used a jar of marinara sauce that was a bit bigger than what was called for in the book, so mine was very saucy.
Rating: :)

Beat-The-Clock Spinach Lasagna

Pecan Shortbread Cookies are a different twist on nut butter cookies. They have only 4 ingredients, and come together very quickly. However I did find I needed to bake them for a bit longer than 15 minutes to make them go dark enough (the ones in the photo are a bit pale), though that is likely an issue with my oven.
Rating: :)

Pecan Shortbread

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

2013-07-30 16.22.33

Sometimes our nurses hand raise tiny kittens, and then they get homes, and then you see them come back when they are big people! This handsome boy was hand raised by my friend Shelley, and I took this photo to show her when he came into the clinic for a vaccination.


  1. Thanks for this! I have so much trouble deciding which cookbooks to get because there are so many awesome-sounding ones! It's so helpful when people post reviews with pictures from different cookbooks they've tried! Everything looks delish and easy!

    Vegan Nom Noms

  2. dude. you have made a lot of recipes from this book! Just tonight my husband was postulating that I should make a tomato and Peanut butter soup - and then I saw your quesadillas! I want to try them!!

  3. That peanut butter and tomato combo is intruiging! You're right about it going with loads of things though. I love it on toast with marmite :)

  4. Robin is just unfailingly simply brilliant. The quesadillas would rock for breakfast today. :)

  5. You always have the best cookbook roundups! I have to say that it never would have occurred to me to combine peanut butter and tomatoes. Now I am intrigued!

    My mother in law bought a massive bag of pecans from Costco yesterday and gave me half - now I am very tempted to make some of that pecan shortbread!

    Aw, kitty! It must be so rewarding to see the tiny hand raised kitties all grown up and happy. And what a handsome kitty he is!

  6. Peanut Butter and Tomato Quesadillas is the craziest thing I've ever heard. I don't know if I could do it!

  7. What panda said! Your cookies match your cat! And I'm with LazySmurf on the quesadillas, that sounds like straight up madness. I couldn't! I could definitely go for that lasagne though and the tempeh with coconut peanut sauce. Yum!