Wednesday, 9 July 2014

USA 2013 - Part 9 (Seattle)

Chai from Cinnamon Works and Raspberries

My last day in Seattle saw me back at The Crumpet Shop for a crumpet with almond butter and marmalade and a crumpet with marmite. Then I picked up a perfect punnet of raspberries from the market and a chai and ate them overlooking the waterfront.

Veggies at Pike Place Market

I can't resist taking photos of some of the beautiful produce that is available at the markets. All these mushrooms!!

Santa Fe Burger with Potato and Gravy at Veggie Grill
Portobello Burger Kale Style with Sweet Potato Fries at Veggie Grill
Kale Caesar at Veggie Grill
Carrot Cake at Veggie Grill

Lunch found us back at Veggie Grill. Ashleigh ordered the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin' Burger with a side of potatoes and gravy, as well as some more buffalo wings. I ordered the Papa's Portobello Burger Kale Style (served over steamed kale instead of on a bun) with a side of Sweet Potato Fries and a half serve of their delicious Kale Caesar Salad (because you can never have too much kale). I also had some carrot cake and oh-my-gosh Veggie Grill makes the most amazing carrot cake. Ignore all other desserts on the menu and get this! Veggie Grill is such a great place, I await their global domination with anticipation.

Carousel on the waterfront

After lunch we went down to the waterfront itself. I love old carousels, and there Seattle has a beautiful one. Last time I was in Seattle it was closed when I walked past, but this time it was open and Ashleigh and I took a ride. So much fun!

Caesar Salad at Cafe Flora
Ginger Beer Tempura at Cafe Flora
Coconut Tofu at Cafe Flora

When I was in Seattle in 2011 I had dinner at Cafe Flora with another internet friend, Meg, and we met up with her again on this trip to repeat the experience. Ashleigh and I shared a few dishes, including a Caesar Salad, Ginger Beer Tempura and Coconut Tofu.

Lemon Cake at Cafe Flora
Brownie at Cafe Flora

There were a number of dessert choices, and Ashleigh and I decided to share a towering Lemon Cake and a rich Chocolate Brownie Sundae. These were amazing but so rich, we couldn't quite finish them. There was a berry tart on the menu I had been considering, so I think for me in the future I should always pick the berry for dessert. It was lovely catching up with Meg again as well.

The following morning we were up super early to say farewell to Seattle and catch a train up to Vancouver. I was so sad to say goodbye to Seattle, a city which I truly love and will never get tired of visiting (as I did again this year!).

Bald Eagles at Seattle to Vancouver

Something that cheered me up was seeing Bald Eagles from the train. This is a terrible photo, but those are actual Bald Eagles on the top of those trees. So exciting!

Amy's Vegan Burger on Amtrak

The other interesting thing is that Amtrak has a vegan burger in their dining car. As you can see, it is not exactly gourmet. It is a frozen burger on a bun that they cook in the microwave for you. But it is still fun to be able to get a burger on the train!

After arriving in Vancouver and checking in to our hotel, we were planning on visiting a Loving Hut food truck that was meant to be nearby. We walked to the location and asked around but alas there was no sign of them at all! Luckily we caught site of Agro Cafe, which I had read about having vegan options. The location we visited has apparently closed, but they do have a few other locations.

Quinoa Wrap and Chai from Agro Cafe

Agro came to the rescue with a yummy chai and a quinoa wrap. Thank goodness!


  1. that must have been some carrot cake! Poor carrot cake gets a bum wrap so often as being boring and playing second fiddle to more glamourous offerings but I love it, so I'm happy to see there's a truly sensational version out there :) That ginger beer tempura sounds amazing!

  2. I am also eagerly awaiting world domination Veggie Grill style! I love anything of theirs that involves chicken and I'll definitely be trying the carrot cake on my next visit.