Sunday, 6 July 2014

USA 2013 - Part 5 (Seattle)

Banana Bread and Chai from Cinnamon Works and a doughtnut peach

The next day was the first day of the conference, so I had a quick breakfast by the waterfront of banana bread and chai from Cinnamon Works and a doughnut peach. Then it was up to the Convention Center and learning until lunch.

Philli Dog at Cyber Dogs

The Convention Ceter is right next to Cyber-Dogs, a vegetarian hot dog and internet cafe that can make everything vegan on request. Hurrah! I ordered a Philly Dog - spicy sausage with cheese, grilled mushrooms and onions. As you can see, these are not hot dogs you can really pick up and eat as they are drowning in delicious toppings! Knife and fork business.

After the afternoon sessions at the conference, I met Ashleigh (who was not going to the conference) at the hotel and we caught the monorail to the Seattle Center for a short walk up to Bamboo Garden. Bamboo Garden was the first place I ever ate in Seattle in 2011, and is almost a completely vegan Chinese restaurant except for the fortune cookies they give you with the bill that have egg in them. So decline those.

Hot and Sour Soup at Bamboo Garden
Singapore Noodles at Bamboo Garden
General Tso's at Bamboo Garden

I ordered the Hot and Sour Soup, which is my favourite soup, though this one was too sweet. We also had some fantastic Singapore Noodles (I love Singapore Noodles!). I also ordered some General Tso Chicken out of curiosity. I knew it would be deep-fried, but I wasn't prepared for the level of deep-fried... the batter was so thick! It was not quite my cup of tea, but Ashleigh enjoyed it a lot.

Vegan Pho at Cafe Pho
Grilled Tofu at Cafe Pho

The next morning I went to an early breakfast session, and had a completely uninspiring breakfast of fruit and leftover banana bread. But for lunch I met up with Ashleigh for lunch at Cafe Pho, which has several vegan options. I ordered the Vegan Phở, which was very nice, but I definitely had order envy for Ashleigh's grilled tofu, which had a black bean, ginger and mirin sauce that was delicious.

For dinner that night, after I had finished with the conference, we went out to Plum Bistro. I was so excited to be going here, as it has a reputation for being amazing and fancy and delicious! We arrived fairly early, but were seated at the bar because it gets so busy! You can't make reservations for two, so if you are going it pays to plan for an early dinner.

Mac 'n' Yease at Plum Bistro
Fennel Slaw at Plum Bistro
Tortellini with Bitter Greens at Plum Bistro
Trumpet Scallops with Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Mash at Plum BistroAvocado Roll at Plum Bistro
Plum and Rhubarb Tart with Elderflower Caramel and Cardamom Ice Cream at Plum Bistro

We started with some of their famous cajun-spiced Mac 'n' Yease, which was delicious, and some lovely fresh Fennel Slaw. Ashleigh ordered the Tortellini with Bitter Greens, but was a bit disappointed as the pasta dough was a bit undercooked. I ordered Trumpet Mushroom Scallops with Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Mash, which was out of this world delicious. The cauliflower mash in particular was worth licking the plate for (I didn't, but I wanted to). We also got a wonderful Avocado Roll, as I was still a bit peckish and was super keen to sample as much as I possibly could. To finish up, I had a gorgeous Plum and Rhubarb Tart with Elderflower Caramel and Cardamom Ice Cream. A truly fabulous meal!

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  1. I loved Bamboo Garden, such ginormous portions and delicious food! I never made it to Cyber Dogs but I can hardly believe there's a bun under all of those toppings, wowza!