Thursday, 17 July 2014

USA 2013 - Part 12 (Vancouver)

Ashleigh and I met up with some of her friends back at Nuba for lunch and then exploring.

Cauliflower Starter at Nuba
Cauliflower Plate at Nuba

Cauliflower featured pretty heavily on my menu, with a Najib's Special starter (crispy cauliflower and tahini) followed by a Najib's Special plate (cauliflower, hummus, salad, olives and pita). They make really good cauliflower. With a tummy full of cauliflower we made our way to Stanley Park for some nature time.

Lost Lagoon at Stanley Park
Lost Lagoon at Stanley Park
Lost Lagoon at Stanley Park
Beaver Lake at Stanley Park
Beaver Lake at Stanley Park

We visited Lost Lagoon, Prospect Point and Beaver Lake and saw lots of lovely wildlife, as you can see. Sadly I didn't see any actual otters or beavers (I would have exploded with squees), but it was enough to know that they were there even if I could't see them. One day, my little loves!

Cauliflower Soup at Nuba
Garden Falafel Pita at Nuba

Dinner found us back at Nuba where I had some Cauliflower Soup, Baba Ganooj and a Garden Falafel Pita Wrap (with hummus and avocado). On the way back to the hotel we stopped by What's Shaken, a milkshake bar that has vegan options, but they were sadly out of vegan ice cream that evening.

Pumpkin and Apple Muffin from JJ Bean

The next morning our usual staple of Agro Cafe was closed, but we had passed a JJ Bean and I had heard that they had vegan baked goods. They delivered with this Pumpkin and Apple muffin and a soy chai.

Sunset Beach

Afterwards we walked back up to English Bay and down the Sea Wall back to Sunset Beach. It really is a lovely area.

Falafel Plate at Zaatar
Green Hornet with 2 falafels at Zaatar

We were leaving Vancouver that evening, so had to go back to Zaatar for one final go at perfect hummus. Ashleigh had the falafel plate again, and I had the Green Hornet, which had hummus, coriander, chickpeas and mushrooms. Perfect. Then it was a taxi to the airport (where I ran into an old neighbour from Sydney!) and off to Hawaii!

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