Tuesday, 15 July 2014

USA 2013 - Part 10 (Vancouver)

Being in Vancouver was a little strange, as I was feeling deeply sad about leaving Seattle and I wasn't really sure what to do with myself in the strange new non-Seattle city. So to ease the transition, we found Millennium, a pretty nifty shop just down the road from our hotel, while we decided what to do for dinner.

And for dinner, we found the best hummus in the world. I am not kidding, this was amazing! It was from a place called Zaatar, and it is with great sadness that I tell you that it has now closed down forever.

Pita Bread at Zaatar Hummus Bar
Falafel Plate at Zaatar Hummus Bar
Dolmades at Zaatar Hummus Bar
The 'Boss' - hummus, mushrooms, falafel with a small salad at Zaatar Hummus Bar

So let me show you food you can now never eat. First off, amazing warm and soft pita bread! Ashleigh ordered the Falafel Plate and some Dolmades, and I got 'The Boss' (hummus with mushrooms), some falafel and a small salad. I can't really describe how incredible that hummus was, so just imagine the best hummus you have ever had, and it was better than that. Why is it gone forever?

Vegan Breakfast Muffin and Chai at Agro Cafe

The next morning found us back at the now-closed location of Agro Cafe (does this post have a theme?), where I had a vegan breakfast muffin and chai made with almond milk.

Crow and Seagull at Granville Markets

Afterwards, we caught a super cute mini ferry out to the Granville Island Public Markets for a look about. It was a cold and drizzling day, so we were grateful that the markets were mostly under cover. There is a mix of produce, food and craft at the market, though I am not sure what sort of vegan food options they had at the markets themselves (though there is a still-open Agro Cafe location on the island). We did come across the cutest ever stall at the markets, called A Cagey Bee, which is full of jewelry, bookmarks and prints featuring beautiful quirky art from a local artist. Highly recommended!

Vegan Stew at Nuba
Lentil Soup at Nuba

After the markets we caught the ferry back and went to Nuba, a Lebanese restaurant with several locations and many vegan options. Ashleigh ordered the Vegan Stew and I had the Lentil Soup with pita.

After lunch we caught the Sky Train to Main Street, which is a street that is meant to have lots of adorable shops on it. Pro tip: Main street is super long and the sky train stop near it is not near the cute shop section of Main Street.

Veggie Dog on the streets of Vancouver

One of the things I had heard about Vancouver, especially listening to my favourite podcast Our Hen House, is that you can get a veggie dog on any street corner. While that is a bit of an exaggeration, I was pleased to come across a street stand that provided me with this veggie hotdog (Yves is the hotdog brand), which provided me with much needed fuel to walk all the way up to the good part of Main Street. On the good part of the street you can find secondhand bookshops, comic shops, antiques, clothes, cute jewelry and knick knacks, well worth spending a few hours in.

Vegan Poutine at Wallflower

Main Street is also home to The Wallflower, a diner with lots of vegan options. As we were in Canada, we shared a delicious vegan poutine. They have quite a few things on the menu (I have recently read that the vegan shepherd's pie is amazing).

Dinner that night was at Panz Veggie, a Chinese vegan restaurant that was highly recommended on the internet.

Hot and Sour Soup at Panz Veggie
Wonton Soup at Panz Veggie

I ordered the Hot and Sour Soup, which was pretty much all hot and not much else. It was unpleasant to eat and I couldn't finish it because it was just too much burning. Ashleigh ordered the Wonton Soup, which looked great and didn't make her want to cry.

Tropical Fried Rice at Panz Veggie
Three Mushroom Romance with Tofu and Broccoli at Panz Veggie

Ashleigh ordered the Tropical Fried Rice, which had all sorts of veggies but also raisins, cranberries and some oddly tasteless pineapple. I ordered the Three Mushroom Romance with Tofu and Broccoli, which is that never fail combination of mushrooms, broccoli, tofu and sauce and was absolutely delicious.

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