Monday, 21 September 2009

Sahara turned eight!

I take a break from AusNZVeganMoFo to post about my very not vegan but much beloved kitty Sahara. It was her birthday! OK, so it was on the 28th of August, but it took me a while to upload the photos. Sahara is my youngest kitty, and she is now EIGHT! This disturbs me a little, my babies should not be growing up that fast!

Here are some photos of her on her special day!

Munching her birthday dinner. Which is the same as her normal dinner because she has a sensitive tummy and has to have a fairly strict diet.

Here she is posing with her present - a little catnip stuffed duck friend! In fact, this little duck has Velcro at the back so you can refresh the catnip, which comes in a little tea bag like contraption for stuffing the duck with. Cool, yes? But what does Sahara think?

Hmph! The duck has been largely ignored since it has been introduced! In fact, it is currently lying alone and sad on the bedroom floor. Oh well, it's the thought that counts. Right?

But she's incredibly adorable, so you can't be upset with her. Look at that little face? Happy birthday my little red baby!

OK, and just because here is a quick foodie photo:

Asian Noodle Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce from Vegan Planet. This is fantastic! The noodles are udon noodles - using dried udon rather than the soft udon, SO much better. Chewy noodle goodness. The recipe says that you just want to coat the ingredients with the sauce, and only to add the sauce until this has been achieved. You don't want to drown it. I guessed the sauce recipe looked like a lot and made a half quantity, which was the perfect amount to just coat the salad. Fantastic on a hot day!


  1. Happy birthday to the gorgeous Sahara!

  2. Happy B'day Sahara! She is very pretty :)

    And that noodle dish looks great, all your VP posts are making me want to start cooking from it now but I will wait until the VP week in the cookbook challenge!

  3. Howdy, ive just come across your blog and i have to say i love all the kitty photos! Happy birthday to your lovely Sahara (gorgeous name). I have a ginger and white naughty kitty :)


  4. Awww, she's beautiful (actually all your cat photos are beautiful). The noodle dish looks delicious too (how could it not be? It has peanut sauce!).

  5. Happy belated birthday, ginger kitty.

    Peanut noodles are practically the love of my life...

  6. Thanks! He's such a little bad ass :)

    I think you can order Heirlooms direct from California farmers...a well worth-it expense.

  7. Aw, happy birthday Sahara! She is so beautiful. My tabby, Ravi's 7th birthday was yesterday.

  8. Happy Birthday Sahara!! My babies are 11 this December (and February). *super sad face*. I can't believe it either.

    Mmmm noodles. Always yummy!