Thursday, 10 September 2009

AusNZVeganMoFo: Black Gold

A while ago I posted about my Black Bean bonanza, where I cooked up a massive pot of black beans and froze them for future use. I started with 14.5 cups of beans, and now there are none. This is their story...

Here they are, all packaged up and ready to be frozen until they are called to their greater destiny...

The first thing I made was the Black Bean Burgers from Veganomicon. These burgers are so good, they might just make you cry from joy!

Then there was some Three Bean Dal from Vegan Planet, which I made to go with the Taste of Indian Menu.

Garlicky Broccoli, Corn and Bean Burritos from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan were delicious!

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas from Vegan Planet were a lovely dinner. It said to fill 8 large flour tortillas. I used 6 jumbo tortillas and then spread the little bit off left over filling over the top with the salsa. I also sprinkle a bit of tomato juice over the top before baking to give a bit more moisture.

Vegan Planet also offered up some Cuban-Style Black Beans, which were delicious but quite spicy! When I made this I did not drain the tinned tomatoes, as instructed, I just threw it all in and it was great. I also found this made about 3 servings rather than the 4 suggested, unless you have a teeny appetite!

Three Bean Chilli (yes, also from Vegan Planet, was great and also included pinto and kidney beans. I served it with some cornbread, which you can just see peeking in at the top there. Delicious!

And some salad. Gold and Black Bean Salad from Vegan Planet to be precise. Delicious! I used yellow tomato in place of yellow capsicum. I took the option of tossing it with some rice and served over some greens, which was lovely.

I already posted about the Quinoa Salad with Black Beans and Mango from Veganomicon a few days ago, which used up the last of my black bean store.

That was the second time I had made that salad. The first time I made it with red quinoa - how pretty is it? It has some delicious Tangerine Baked Tofu on top. Mmmmm!

So here's for black beans! I have obtained some more, so no doubt there are more black beans in my future. They really are delicious!

Cute Cat Photo of the Post

Here is my own little black bean, the beautiful Dim Sim. I love this photo of her. Like a little blank panther staring out from the jungle. She's actually staring out from the plants around the pool, but that is her jungle so do with it. How gorgeous is she? How beautiful are her bright yellow eyes? Excuse me while I go and find the actual Dim Sim and give her a giant snorgle!


  1. Wow! That's quite an adventure your black beans went on! I'm really impressed with all the variety. I especially like the look of the black bean salads you made.

  2. I love black beans. We eat them a lot in Brazil. Today I'm gonna have: rice, black beans, kale, baked bananas and a huge salad. In Brazil, the expression "feijao-com-arroz" (beans with rice) means something simple and easy.

  3. So much black beany goodness! I have only recently started cooking them and now I love 'em.

    And Dim Sim is gorgeous, that's an amazing photo!

  4. Your beautiful beans are making me feel hungry!

  5. Black beans are my favourite!!! (and the bean I can actually eat without problems). I love all the things you did with them!