Wednesday, 16 September 2009

AusNZVeganMoFo: My first time

Wow... just over the half way mark on AusNZVeganMoFo. Is it just me or is this month going by particularly fast? Today was my first day back at work after my holidays. Though nothing much happened, it was still a long day so I just have a very quick post for tonight. I am planning on heading up to bed as soon as this episode of Battlestar Galactica is finished! Oh yes, did I mention I am a ridiculous BSG geek? I am currently watching the final season on my super sexy complete season limited edition tin set. Tee hee!

Anyway, in this post I thought I would share with you the first bit of food porn I ever took. I was fairly late to the digital camera party, and even then it took me a little bit of time to realise that I could take photos of all my food! So, what was the first thing I photographed?

Why, it is Stars And Stripes Timbale from The New Vegan. The timbale is a filling of small pasta, spinach, oive, garlic and vegan cheesy goodness all in a zucchini case. I was so overjoyed when I tipped over my ramekin and they slid out perfectly that I just had to reach for my new camera and take a photo!

Here's a closer picture. They were served in a pool of tomato sauce. So, how was the taste? Actually really nice! Though not terribly filling. But I still think they are super cute!

Cute Cat Photo of the Post

This little cutie is Blaize. She was a kitten who came to the clinic with a litter to be rehomed. Unfortunately for Blaize, she was diagnosed with a nasty congenital heart defect, which would normally make her not suitable for rehoming except to very special, dedicated and understanding people. Luckily for Blaize, she stole the heart of one of our nurses, Jo, who took this little beauty home. At this point Blaize is still going strong - I saw her just today! She has grown so much and is a frisky and adorable as a young cat should be. We can't know when her heart will get the better of her, but for the moment she's got her heart fully in living the most joyous life she can!