Sunday, 20 September 2009

AusNZVeganMoFo: Getting away from it all - the second.

Hello happy shiny vegans! I am currently on call at the clinic, on this fine Sunday evening, and am feeling far to bright and chirpy given that fact! Anyway, if you cast your mind back I was at the Gold Coast with my Jens and we were about to go for dinner. The place was The Pink Poodle. OK, how could I NOT love a place with Pink in the name and some cute pink decor!

I continued my uncharacteristic (but very restrained) drinking with the namesake cocktail - The Pink Poodle. It involves Bacardi, Cointreau, strawberry and lemonade. It is so ridiculously amazing. It tastes like a really awesome creaming soda. If I was so inclined, I could have been drinking these all night! In the middle is Little Jen's Long Island Ice Tea. Meep! A little sip from that and I was reeling! And rounding it out is Big Jen's Pina Colada. I couldn't taste that one because they used cream, ick! Jen said it was good but the dairy cream made it too heavy and a bit much, and we all agreed that coconut cream would have been much better, and vegan friendly too! Hurrah!

We shared an entree of Bruschetta of the menu, which I was assured was vegan. Fresh and tasty! Just the thing to start filling up the belly in the company of an awesome pink cocktail!

They had these very pretty pink glass candle holders on each table. I so want some!

And the tap water came in these bottles with cute Pink Poodle labels on them. Heh! Yes, I am easily amused by things that are pink. Pink = bestest colour ever!

And here it is - the main! OK, it is essentially a vegetable stack, some rice and some tomato coulis. So not exactly high marks for originality. But look how cute it is! I have a SHALLOT FLOWER on my vegetable stack! And the rice is cute and shaped rather than just spooned on. I think it is just adorable! Anyway, as far as vegetable stacks go it was pretty good - actual flavour rather than just soggy vegetables! It had potato, zucchini and capsicum. OK, so ick to the last but I forgot to add the capsicum ban when I was talking to him. Hee! Cute! Sorry it is a bit fuzzy, the lighting was low and my camera is a bit lame.

We got dressed up for the night! I was wearing my impulse buy new dress I got from Target earlier than week. I love Target for a good impulse buy!

Dessert options for vegans at the restaurant were fairly non-existent. Which was fine, because the day before driving down I am made a huge batch of Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies from The Joy Of Vegan Baking. I love these cookies! We munched happily on them all weekend.

The rest of the night was spent at the apartment. It didn't have a DVD player and there were crap movies on Foxtel, so we ended up watching (and MOCKING) some MacGyver and playing Rummy-O. Oh yeah, we are wild and crazy. ;)

Our last morning and first thoughts turn to breakfast! Bagels, spreads, avocado, salads... yum!

My favourite thing to have on a bagel or toast is Vegemite and avocado. An amazing combination!

Then we headed out for a final walk along the beach!

See, some pretty beach photos for you all! Then it was home and into the waiting arms of my beloved kitties, who I missed like crazy! All up it was a great weekend, just what I needed to get away from everything else!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

This is Possum and Sahara, on my bed, at the same time! Possum pretty much never comes on my bed. But my parents had been away for a couple of weeks on a cruise and one morning I woke up and found the kitten my hand was resting on was actually Possum! With Sahara right behind him. Thankfully my camera was miraculously at hand without me getting up and disturbing them. One time, I had all four cats on my bed at once, which made me deliriously happy!

Currently stuck in my head: Currently I cannot get enough of the Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog soundtrack. Joss Whedon is a genius! I am also still loving (Do You Wanna) Date My Avatar by Felicia Day, who is also in Dr. Horrible!

Currently spending all my time watching: I am doing a bit of a Buffy rewatch at the moment - it has been ages since I have done one! I polished off season 2 while I was home sick, and am now doing some season 3. But I also finished of Dexter Season 3 last week and am currently watching Battlestar Galactica (only three episodes left to watch!) and Glee. I watch many things. ;)

Currently improving my mind with: Atonement. I hate bratty stupid kids. Argh! Only half way through, but I already know more or less what happens.

What are you all watching/reading/listening to?


  1. yeah that looks about the usual for a vegan option, but at least it was good!

    i love your impulse buy dress.

    I need to steal my friend's buffy DVDs so I can have a marathon too.

  2. Hahaha, your wild nights sound like ours! Pictionary is the weapon of choice round here though.

  3. Your avomite bagel looks so good! And the trip sounds like it was really great, though it is always nice to get home to the kittehs.

  4. Top points for presentation on the vegie stack - at least they tried and it tasted good!

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful time!! And I'm loving all the kitty photos!!!

  6. that shallot flower is gorgeous - I want to try one - the vegie stack looks better than the old restaurant stand-by of pasta in tomato sauce

    Those bagels look great - I love promite, avocado and tomato on toast - so I understand where you are coming from

    Love the kitties on the bed - much prefer our zinc on the bed than running around the house being noisy at 5.30am. And Get Smart is one of my favourite DVD box sets at the moment!