Sunday, 9 May 2021

Eating In with Amy: Pizza and Baked Goods (and some bonus greens)

My friend Amy recently moved much closer to where I live. I mentioned her in a recent post, she was the lovely person who brought me Vietnamese food and comfort right after Dim Sim passed. Christmas was extra hard this year, being my first one without Dim Sim and also falling on the four week mark of her passing.

On Boxing Day (the day after Christmas, I don't think that is a universal thing?), I went over the Amy's place and we watched a lot of Disney movies, and I hugged her sweet kitties. We also ordered a lot of pizza from Pizza Hut, which has several vegan options. We got two pizzas (magherita and vegan deluxe), cheesy vegan garlic bread, potato gems, and some of their recently released vegan chicken wings. Their pizzas have vegan cheese, but no vegan meats, it is all veggies. The only vegan meat they have is their chicken wings. Which are actually chicken nugget type things. And they weren't so much smothered in BBQ sauce as they were lightly drizzed. But still, if was fun.

Cheezy Garlic Bread, Vegan Wings, Tater Tots from Pizza Hut

Pizzas from Pizza Hut

Pizzas from Pizza Hut

A few weeks later we had another day at her house. This time we only watched one movie on Disney Plus.... and then followed that up by watching the entire series of Fate: A Winx Saga. On my way to her place, I stopped by a doughnut shop called Dough Ma. On Saturday they have vegan doughnut flavours. Their non-vegan doughnuts are huge and are all sorts of fancy flavours. Their vegan doughnuts are much smaller, with only a few flavours. We got jam and PB&J, which got bonus points for having actual peanut butter in it instead of peanut butter icing. Sorry for the messy photo! I think we also ordered ramen to be delivered for dinner that night, but no photos.

Jam and PB&J Doughnuts from Dough Ma

Here's the greens as mentioned in the title of the post! So, this wasn't eating in. This was actually eating out. We went to Easy House yum cha for her birthday in February. No extensive photos, you can see the food we would have been eating by looking at my previous Easy House posts. But enjoy this photo of some of the greens we had there.

Greens at Easy House

On the way back from Easy House, we stopped at Flour Of Life (see previous posts here), the vegan bakery. I got some tarts to take home for my family. A strawberry flan for me, passionfruit tart for Mum, and chocolate tart for Dad.

Tarts (Passionfruit, Chocolate, Strawerry) from Flour of Life

Amy got some Iced Vovos... I think these are an Australian biscuit, not sure if they are anywhere else? But they are a biscuit with two strips of pink cream surrounding a middle strip of red jam, and sprinkled with coconut. They are an iconic Australian biscuit. And Flour of Life very sensibly made some vegan ones! Amy shared some with me after we got back to her place (shocker, we watched Disney... four movies in total... we don't mess around!), and they were not quite the same but very good.

Iced Vovos from Flour of Life

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

I know I haven't been posting kitty photos for a while... my heart just needed a little break. But I couldn't talk about Amy and not share photos of her two wonderful kitties, my nephew and my niece, Neil deCat Tyson and Kitty Curie.

Neil deCat Tyson

Kitty Curie


  1. I can't think of a more comforting day than great company, Disney movies and amazing vegan comfort food. I'm glad that you had such a great friend to help you through such a difficult time <3 Thank you for sharing her sweet babies as well!

    1. I am very grateful for her friendship. And for getting to snug her kitties!

  2. Those cats have amazing names!

    I'm so glad you have a friend, and I'm jealous of the vegan pizza options. Pizza Hut here doesn't offer the vegan delights I see in posts from other lands. Oh, well. Maybe someday?

    1. Pizza Hut was late to the game here in terms of vegan pizza, but definitely delivered when they did. Their vegan cheese is nice, which is essential.

  3. Ha ha, I love the names of the adorable kitties!
    I don't think Pizza Hut here has any vegan options, other than maybe a cheese-less veggie pizza? I'm not even sure if their crust is vegan. That looks like a delicious spread though!

    1. Amy comes up with excellent kitty names.