Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Recipe Round-Up: 1000 Vegan Recipes

I had planned on making this book my VeganMoFo theme for this year, so I could spend some time doing some short posts of the billionty photos I still have to share for this book. But in this year of years, VeganMoFo didn't happen. So since I don't have any new eating out food to share for a bit, I thought I would fill in the gaps by just doing some mini round-ups from here! Only a few recipes at time, so as not to get too overwhelming for me or for you, as recipe round-up posts are by far the most intesive to write and to read. You can see my previous posts from this book here. Warning, there are a lot!

Dijon Vinaigrette: This has a few ingredients, but is quick and easy to make. I used garlic and onion powder rather than raw shallot and garlic, which meant I didn't need to blend it I could just add everything into a bottle and give it a good shake. Sure, the herbs were still a bit chunky, but whatever. The recipe calls for a lot of oil, which I subbed with some water blended a touch of guar gum and a smidge of oil. Again, nothing against oil, just a personal inability to process things that are super oily.
Rating: :)

Dijon Vinaigrette

Broccoli Noodle Soup: I am still under the weather with this cold, so a bowl of this sounds great right about now. This soup gave me two big servings, though you could go smaller and get the four the recipe says it makes. It has angel hair, broccoli, carrot, and onion in it, and comes togehter so quickly. The recipe says to simmer for about 30 minutes for the carrots to get tender, but mine were good to go after ten minutes. You could easily throw in some beans, chickpeas, or seitan to make this a little more substantial if you wanted.
Rating: :)

Broccoli Noodle Soup

Laksa Come Home: This recipe has a lot of ingredients, but is worth it. You make your own laksa paste for this, which does involve some fresh chilies. I left these out, and added just a touch of some chile paste. As well as noodles, the soup has tofu and is toppe with bean sprouts, coriander, and cucumber. It has the option of also adding some pineapple as a topping, which I didn't have but sounds great. I would also suggest adding some greens into the soup when you add the tofu.
Rating: :)

Laksa Come Home

Parmasio: There are so many vegan parmesan recipes out there! This is a simple recipe that gets its name from being a blend of gomasio with nutritional yeast. So sesame seeds, salt, nooch. It is pretty good!
Rating: :)


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  1. You know what's really crazy? In this year of years I had totally forgotten about vegan mofo!! Wow, 2020 is really taking it all!
    Hi sweet Dim Sim!!

  2. Chunky herbs in the salad dressing sound great to me! I'm okay with oil in lots of things but I do usually think most recipes have too much oil in them. You have a good idea--I tend to try to overcompensate with vinegar and then up with too-tart dressing.

  3. Honestly I forget what month I'm in pretty much every day so I'm not surprised I forgot about MoFo too. That broccoli noodle soup sounds like it will be a perfect soup for these cold winter days coming up!

  4. I'm really interested to see your reviews of this book - I inherited a friend's copy a few years ago and have not done it justice. I like the idea of using sesame seeds in a vegan parmesan!