Thursday, 19 November 2020

Midweek Munchies

Some random snick snacks that I have purchased and tried.

I got a lasagne on 50% off sale from the ready meals section of The Green Edge, as it was expiring that day. Popped it in the freezer, and it defrosted and reheated a treat for when I was ready to enjoy it.

Lasagne from The Green Edge

These are a from a new range of soups that Continental has brought out. Not all of them a vegan, so you need to check. But these four are vegan and have no chili in them. As you can see, they are full of very silly ingredients, so right up my alley. Stay tuned for updated on what I thought about them, as I am still working my way through them.

Continental Packet Soups

This cheezy sauce is pretty handy, you can just whisk it up with cold water to add to bakes, or you can heat it gently on the stove for a hot cheesy sauce. It also has a bunch of suggested additions to make all sorts of themed sauces.

Plantasy Foods Cheesy Sauce Mix

I tried one of these Chris's Plant Based spreads before, the spring onion one, and I hated it. But I am happy to report that this one is delicious! Definitely recommend on crackers, veggies sticks, sandwiches, salads, whatever.

Chris's Plant Based Sweet Potato and Cashew Dip

I got these two fun seasoning salts at The Green Edge one day. They turmeric one is tasty, but my favourite is the dill and garlic ranch blend.

Fun seasoning salts

This dairy-free tomato pesto is nice, but so oily (as store-bought pestos tend to be). I used it to make a pasta bake, that will appear in a future recipe round-up. I don't think I would buy it again, simply because of the oiliness. But that is my personal preference. No shade on oil in general, it just makes me feel a bit sick if I eat things that are too oily.

Scala Free From Pesto

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Today marks one week since starting oral chemo for her bladder tumour, and we are heading in to the oncologist this afternoon for our first recheck. Wish her luck please!


  1. Wishing you so much luck, you sweet beauty!

  2. Good luck, Dim Sum!

    Also, LASAGNA! How I've missed it! Now that it is have-the-oven-on weather I really should go back to making lasagna.

    1. Yessss! I had a good time with lasagne this winter.

  3. I agree about store bought pesto. I don't know why they use so much oil when it doesn't need it. My stomach feels off if I have too many oily things too.
    Dim Sim, me and my crew are wishing you all the luck we have!!! Stay strong!!

    1. Thank you!
      I am sorry that you too suffer from the too oily-ness of things.

  4. Good luck, Dim Sim! And that sweet potato cashew spread sounds really good. Smart move with that lasagna!

    1. I will buy and freeze anything that looks good and has a decent sale price!

  5. The dill & garlic ranch blend sounds perfect -- what have you used it on so far?
    Dim Sim, you are so brave and strong! <3

    1. I have sprinkled it on some roasted asparagus, and most recently had some on some fresh tomato. Very yum! Going to roast some potatoes with it soon.