Thursday, 5 November 2020

Art and Stuff

We are still in uncertain times right now, so here is a post of some pretty art and other pretty things that I have bought lately. I love surrounding myself with pretty and adorable things, and also love supporting some of my favourite small artists.

Some cute mini-prints I got off Society 6. The 'cat landscapes' are by Lim Heng Swee and the two lovely ladies are by Ariel Sinha.

Society 6 Art

Also off Society 6 I bought these by Vashti Harison, two mini prints of magical princesses and a larger print of a black cat.

Society 6 Art

Vashti Harrison Print

Some patreon rewards and some ordered stuff from Heidiroo, who happens to be an awesome vegan person and cat advocate. She also recently released her first book, Working From Home With Your Cat, that I am excited to get.

Heidiroo Patreon Surprise

Heidiroo art

Some gorgeous prints from Stine Greve. I have some more stuff on order from her at the moment as well.

Prints from Stine Grive

I'm awaiting some breathtaking artwork from Fatties and Feelings in the post, but here is a colouring in page that I printed off their patreon and coloured.

Colouring page from Fatties and Feelings

I have posted about art from Bunny Dee many times, and here are a couple of new additions. Unfortunately my most recent prints arrived with water damage from their journey, but they will be resent with some other fun stuff in my next order. Most excitingly here is that the Luna Moth Cat print is an ORIGINAL! I won it in a raffle she did on Instagram, and it is SO GORGEOUS.

Prints and Stickers from BunnyDee

Original from Bunny Dee

I signed up to Sugar & Sloth's Tiny Party Club, a monthly subscription box of cuteness. The postage from the UK is actually pretty reasonable, so why not have something fun. Plus all the shipping materials are plastic free! Below are my first three boxes: Glitter Dinosaur Space Explorers, Chonky Tea Party, and Spoopy Bees. My November box, Rainy Day Penguins, is on the way. I also bought some awesome cat-related badges.

Glitter Dinosaur Space Explorer Tiny Party Club from Sugar and Sloth

Chonky Tea Party Tiny Party Club from Sugar and Sloth

Tiny Party Club Spoopy Bees Box

Sugar and Sloth Cat Badges

Finally, some pre-ordered t-shirts. Sugar & Sloth has a monthly tee that you can pre-order, it is only available for the month, and every shirt purchased means a tree planted! How cool! I had to get this month's gay dino t-shirt. Kiss who you want! In my case I don't want to kiss anyone, which is totally valid. Vegan clothing company Compassion Co has also been doing a lot of awesome pre-order, limited run designs to help keep afloat during COVID. This gorgeous Liberation is Love design really spoke to me.

Sugar and Sloth and Compassion Co t-shirts

As I mentioned above, I have more art on the way! Inlcuding a new commissioned family portrait. I hope you don't mind these non-food posts, I just think they are a nice break at the moment. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some plants and some art over the last two days.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Not To Be Dramatic But I Would Die For My Cat.


  1. So much fun mail! Cute & happy diversions are very welcome these days. :D

  2. I can't stand blank walls. I like to always be looking at pretty and cheerful things myself. I've slowly been finding cute art from thrift stores.
    The magical princesses and the Luna Moth Cat are my absolute favorites!
    Not dramatic at all, I feel the same!

    1. There is something so great about filling your walls with beauty!

  3. I love all the kitty art; I tried to pick a favorite one but couldn't! And the dinosaur shirt is too cute!

    1. There is a lot to love. Kitty art makes me so happy!