Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Eating In: Brown and Bowls

Hello friends! Good news, my COVID test came back negative. It is just your run of the mill garden variety head cold. Which is nice to know, though I still feel awful. But the good kind of awful, I guess. At least I am starting to feel a bit better now, hurrah! I have realised that this post will bring me to the end of all my current photos to share for eating in! Wow! Don't worry, I will still be getting stuff delivered. In the interim, I have some other ideas of things to share on my Tuesday posting. Today's food post still has a lot of brown food in it, as well as a couple of things in bowls.

Like this Vegan Burrito Bowl from local Mexican-inspired chain Zambreros. It has black rice, beans, and a lovely tangy but chili-free sauce. The cool thing about them is that they include guac for free if you are getting a vegetarian or vegan bowl.

Vegan Burrito Bowl from Zambrero's

This looks very brown, but is actually very colourful underneath. I got the Satay Tofu Salad from The Green Edge to take away. I love their satay sauce! In future though this salad is not good for takeaway, because the battered tofu really needs to be eaten very fresh or the coating goes gluggy. Too bad they don't just have sauteed tofu instead!

Satay Tofu Salad from The Green Edge

While we are talking about The Green Edge, here are two sweet treats I got recently - a PBJ Brownie and an Oreo Cheesecake Cookie. The brownie I got during Halloween, as it was the only thing that didn't have some sort of gross edible body part decoration on it. It was so rich! I shared it with my nurse at work and I was glad to split it. The cookie was fun, it had chunks of oreos all through it, though I didn't get much cheesecake flavour.

PB&J Brownie from The Green Edge

Oreo Cheesecake Cookie from The Green Edge

Speaking of brown, this is a brown bowl of disappointment. I don't eat Indian a lot, unless I make it at home, because I can't control the spice level. But someone wanted Indian, so I hoped that Miss India's daal, labelled mild, would be OK. It was not, it was so spicy, I couldn't eat it. The samosa was good! The bhaji was just sogggy. And the pea and potato fritter again was just insanely spicy. I ended up giving most of the daal to my dad, throwing most of the rest of it away, and had some ice cream and PB on toast for dinner to try and soothe my poor tummy. Never again.

Way too spicy stuff from Miss India

Finally, this delicious bowl of pho from Bun. I ate this on Saturday night when my cold was at its worst. You've seen this before. In fact, I tend not to take photos of stuff I get delivered that I have posted about before, which is why I have run out now! But this bowl deserves a special mention for being there for me when I really needed a big hot bowl of pho.

Pho from Bun

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim sleeping

Yeah, kittens are cute. But do you know what is better? My kitten. Sure, she is 20 years old, but she is tiny and always my baby girl. Here she is tucked under the covers sleeping while I am reading, waiting for me to be ready to turn out the lights so we can do our under the covers snuggle times.


  1. 1. That brownie looks incredible. I love a good brownie.
    2. Dim Sum is so adorable under the covers. I don't know why but I love it when cats do that.

    1. She is such a sweetie pie cutie boots! It is very cute when kitties are tucked in.

  2. Pho is so great when you're feeling sick, or even sad!
    I'm sorry the daal was too spicy.
    Dim Sim is definitely the sweetest kitten!!

  3. Hooray for free guac! The PBJ brownie sounds so fun!
    All cats are kittens, no matter how old they are! <3