Thursday, 12 November 2020

Midweek Munchies (Granola addition)

I have shared a number of granola recipe-round-ups on the blog, as I am big into making granola this year. But sometimes you don't have time or energy to make granola. Sometimes you just want to get something out of a box, ready to go. Please enjoy this tour of some granolas I ate recently,that you can find in Coles or Woolworths.

I love a good sale item! This granola is fine, it is a bit dry, but nice and crunchy.

Dorset Simply Nut Granola

I didn't like these 'clusters' as much as I did regular granola. I think they are like mushed up oats that are then dried into clusters, at least that is what it seemed like. I did enjoy that it was strawberry, though.

Jordan's Strawberry Clusters

I had so much hope for this. Technically a toasted muesli, not a granola, but it counts here. While the maple was strong, alas the salt was not there. I love maple, so at least that was good. Plus it has probiotics added, because why not.

Farmer Jo's Salted Maple Baked Muesli

I have nothing against sugar per se, but I just don't like things that are super sweet. But I also loathe stevia, so I checked to make sure that it didn't have any, which it did not. I liked this!

Jordan's Low Sugar Cherry and Almond Granola

This one was nicely spiced, though I got a bit more of a bana flavour rather than the pear, and it was just a touch to sweet.

Heritage Mill Spiced Pear and Walnut Clusters

I think this one was my favourite, because it seemed to have lots of whole freeze-dried blueberries in it, which gave it a lovely berry crunch. I definitely love the berry ones the most I think.

Dorset's Berry Granola

I have had this one before, and it is pretty nice, though a smidge on the sweet side.

Carmen's Granola

This is my least favourite. It is OK, but just a bit dusty and it has sultanas in it that are a bit dry. Needs more berries.

Sam's Granola

I was in Coles yesterday and noticed they have some new fun looking granolas, so no doubt my supermarket granola adventures will continue.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Pile o' Kittens

We have so many kittens at work at the moment! So please enjoy this cute little kitten pile.


  1. I LOVE granola! And kitten piles! I usually get plain old ordinary granola or granola with chocolate in it, though, because...well...I'm me. And alas I have no access to kittens.

    1. I have occasionally made a chocolate-ish granola, but find that I don't really want that first up in the morning. I wish I could give you a virtual kitten pile experience!

  2. OMG, those kittens!! And this is a serious granola round-up. You eat a lot of granola! Ha! I love granola, but I rarely eat it. I actually forget out it, which is sad. I have some in my pantry now that's been there far too long.

    1. I just really went on such a huge granola adventure after isolation this year. I am sure I will get sick of it soon. It is getting warmer now, so I feel an overnight oats period coming on.

  3. I'm not a big cereal or sweets in the morning person, but I do remember a few years ago I made a batch of homemade granola and it was pretty tasty. You have me rethinking that idea!!
    OMG< who really cares about granola though cause KITTENS!!!!!

    1. Homemade granola is definitely better than store bought, but store bought has that convenience aspect.
      And yes, KITTENS!!!!

  4. The berry granola sounds great; I love freeze-fried blueberries!
    Kitten pile!

    1. I wish I could have joined in with the kitten pile!